Assignment 1 – Say Hello – A few things about the life of this panda

I has been asked to send a ‘greetings card’, telling my tutor about myself, my interests and inspirations, the materials I feel happy working with and maybe what I would like to get from the course.

First of all I need to work out what I want to say.

My name is small panda I was born in China and have been in UK about 4.5 years. I live with my husband and lots of soft toys. Since my husband has been to China then he has been called a panda as well.

20131224_111837 Small panda married to big panda

So our story includes big panda, small panda and lots of toys who came from China. One of the toys is our favorite polar bear called Baixiong who is like a pillow and is our best friend for sleeping.


For this assignment, I am thinking how do I to use my language to say hello or convey the greetings to my tutor. A ceremonial embrace, as a greeting or salutation. Different countries follow different ways like hug and kiss, blow a kiss, shake hands, nose touching nose etc. So I am trying to use some body languages which is from ancient China, a hand symbol or hand gesture.

Sketchbook (1) Sketchbook (2)

I tried drawing some pandas to say hello by waving or with a hands symbol/gesture. Then I drew a character of a panda which is a bit like me. I also drew a red Chinese traditional gilet with circle sparkle pattern on. The gilet is to convey a festive atmosphere and makes the picture colourful.

Say hello-front Say hello-inside


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