Writing a brief (exercise)

In this exercise I need to write a brief for an illustration whose work I found some connection with and I admire its conceptual or narrative dimension.

I have chosen an illustration based on anthropomorphism of Peter Rabbit by illustrator/author Beatrix Potter for this exercise.



Before starting to get the context I have read her life story. Beatrix Potter’s career as a children’s illustrator and storyteller began when the tale of Peter Rabbit was published. Beatrix Potter spent a lot of time in the Lake District exploring and sketching the wildlife because she loved the Lake District. This and the farm house gave her the interests and her joy and inspiration for many of her famous tales.

As Beatrix Potter’s most popular and well-loved tale Peter Rabbit which has adorable illustrated bunnies pictures and the story of a very naughty bunny with his friends and his troubles in Mr McGregor’s garden.

She used anthropomorphism to create a series of stories based around animal characters that gives life to or depicts animals as human with hands, feet, shoes, jacket and facial features. With her humorous, lively tales and adorable illustrations she produced beautiful children’s books. Also as she lived in the Lake District she put the best natural views in her stories’ background.

Beatrix Potter developed her own style and was at her best when she anthropomorphised the animals in her stories that is the part that I admire. Her story of writing is very poetic and the style of illustrations are gorgeous.

I have watch her film she used the pen-and-ink for sketches in the letter  and I also read the Peter Rabbit original with black and white drawing but was refused by several publishers but she printed some for family and friends until at last the book been replaced with colour sketches. Brown rabbit with blue jacket for him and his mum, red for his sisters, they made the beautiful images for children.

Brief: Illustration to be used for a children book. The best method of illustrating for a children book is with animal characters. The anthropomorphism of facial features would make children’s infantile psychology ardently love nature. Children books have many adorable pictures which simple describe the words of the story. The interests were deeply influenced by fairies, fairy tales and fantasy. A children’s book doesn’t dumb down for them. Children should relish a bedtime story and the parents who read for them should find it charming with delightful images. The stories should tremendously gripping but not so much as to make young children scared. It should appeal to 3-8 years old children so that they will learn from the illustration pictures the nature of a rabbit. What should it look like a how should it be drawn. The illustrations should be bright and colourful so they stand out from the page. The use of bright primary colours would appeal to children. The illustrations should anthropomorphism the animals as much as possible giving them human shoes and clothing and facial features.


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