Spider diagrams (Exercise)

Notes:I just had a trip to Scarborough last week, after which I have lots of points to talk about for the word seaside. Such as seagull, waves and the song of Scarborough fair etc. I also saw people surfing on the beach which I wouldn’t have thought of before.

Test:I did spider diagrams with my husband. My words are normal black, his words have been circled by green and the words that are ticked in blue we both have in common. The additional words in green were written by my husband.

Learning log: I quite liked to work with seaside, childhood and festival because when you think of the sea and the sun shining they always make people feel on top of the world. They feel as though they are relaxing on holiday. After the film “Shaun the Sheep” opened (released) my husband and I were talking about going to watch this film. Then my father-in-law suggested we go to Penistone Cinema with them and buy 2 ice creams to watch the film then it would just be like going back to childhood. It is also around Chinese New Year at the moment so I am soaking up the festival atmosphere. I can image the performance of lion and dragon dances in the area with Chinese restaurants. But the word “angry” I don’t really want to work out with it, so I only did my brainstorm thinking about it and not a lot else.

Seaside was the easiest to get ideas for because it is in the front of my mind, there were lots of words that flowed out straight away when I write down seaside. A spray of words that then lead to another and another. I also searched the google images and found out some different ways from that of my thoughts. There are lots of beaches in the world but everyone has its own individual unique scenery and bright landscape.

The strategies for generating ideas/keyword, the best way is to go into the subjects as best you can. Try to feel and listen then let the brainstorm flow out following the time you have spent looking at images and doing some research.

Angry Childhood Festival Seaside

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