Turning words into pictures (Exercise)

I‘d like to do a bit more exercises for this section, I have chosen Childhood, Kitchen and Travel. I used to like fashion but feel it is not relevant at the moment so I didn’t do much for this.

My first choice is Childhood because I think there are lots of stories for this that come to mind, like toys (lego, Barbie, teddy bear), blowing bubbles, paper folding, children programs (always waiting for that when I was a child), candy, flying kite, pink ice cream van, hopscotch, playing with friends(cat’s cradle), etc. I tried to make colourful images for childhood, pictures I remember. We made a kite with coloured paper when I was young ever if it didn’t work. I cut a piece of fabric as a textured teddy bear(collage) with the boy playing with the kite.

childhood (1) childhood (2) childhood(3)

My second choice is kitchen. For that I have got several kinds of vegetables like tomato, carrots, cucumbers, food in fridge, tea set, wok, plate, bowl, sink, toast and bread. After this I have drawn my kitchen picture.

Kitchen (1) Kitchen (2)

My third choice is Travel. It seems you can’t always have enough things which you need when you are traveling. You need to make a checklist before you go. Things you must take are clothes, maps, guide books, umbrella, sunglasses, passport, handbag, itinerary, toiletries, toothbrush, sun cream, medicine, eye mask, pillow and camera. This is not a full list just some of the things I was thinking about.

Travel (1) Travel (2)

I did a little bit of work for fashion.


Note: after repeating these exercise, I like the fibre pens especially for drawing the children’s things because they are colourful. I also like to make a collage because they give the document more texture. It is a favourite because there are lots of children’s books that add things by collage. These things help to appeal direct to children giving them something tangible for their senses.

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