Exploring drawing and painting (Exercise)

This is a very important exercise to experiment and explore different media showing the ways in which they behave on different textures and surfaces for drawing and painting.

Here I am showing the different images of the same object that I have produced in many different ways.

I have chosen a banana with a bite taken out of it.

The first picture shows the different materials that I used for these pictures collected together with a bulldog clip.

Exploring drawing&painting (1)

The next two pictures show the banana painted with water colour on to a plastic surface.

Exploring drawing&painting (2)

Exploring drawing&painting (3)

Then I sprayed some water on it and stuck it on a window.

Exploring drawing&painting (11)

Exploring drawing&painting (12)

This next picture shows the banana in a Gouache style on kitchen roll.

Exploring drawing&painting (4)

After a little bit spray water.

Exploring drawing&painting (15)

Felt tip pen on post it notes.

Exploring drawing&painting (5)


Exploring drawing&painting (6)

After using rubber to smudge it.

Exploring drawing&painting (18)

Coloured pencils

Exploring drawing&painting (7)

Children’s felt tips.

Exploring drawing&painting (8)

Water colour

Exploring drawing&painting (9)


Exploring drawing&painting (10)

Gouache on black rough paper

Exploring drawing&painting (16)

Gouache on a information paper

Exploring drawing&painting (17)

Collage on the packaging I had from a plant I purchased

Exploring drawing&painting (19)

Collage on a toilet roll (trying for 3D effect)

Exploring drawing&painting (20)

Collage on a toothspace packing (3D)

Exploring drawing&painting (21)


Exploring drawing&painting (22)

The last two pictures I have drawn 3 bananas on a sketchbook’s paper then I made a 3D banana  model with pieces I had cut from a washing up glove.

Exploring drawing&painting (23)

Exploring drawing&painting (24)

I liked this task a lot. I will continue  to try new methods in the future.


Using reference (Exercise)

In this exercise, I have to collect as many references as I can for the 1950s period. To categorize the information then write a short review of the visual perspective and draw an illustration of someone sitting in a chair surrounded by typical artefacts.

For the references and images I have used sources such as google the internet, twitter, and books about this period borrowed from the library. I have not lived in that period so I spoke with parents and grandparents and looked at any family photos we had from this period.

People and costume: I have got a book from library which is clothes of the modern world.

IMG_4627 IMG_4628 IMG_4629

1950s swimsuit

Architecture and Interiors: I have used family photos from this period as well as reference books from the library.

IMG_4589 IMG_4590

Art: I used reference books as well as images found on the internet.

1950s arts

Graphic Design: Again I used images from the internet as well as a book about toys from this period which showed the original packaging.


IMG_4604 IMG_4605 IMG_4606 IMG_4607 IMG_4608 IMG_4609 IMG_4610

Advertising: as well as the internet a book about life in the 50’s borrowed from the library was very useful.

1956 Johnnie Walker Red Black Scotch Golf Country Club Ad 1950s Advertising Mercedes benz 1950s

Transport: Again pictures from the book about the 50’s and an anecdote about the smog being so bad the conductor had to walk in front of the bus! Before clear air act was passed in 1956.

IMG_4591 The departures board at Victoria station in the 1950s London

Film & TV again the reference books were very useful as well as talking to relatives.

IMG_4594 IMG_4595 IMG_4596 IMG_4597 IMG_4598

Surface Patterns & Decoration: pictures in books were very useful again the book about life in the 50’s provided some useful pictures.

vogue pattern

The 50’s were a period of great change in UK, some things would be unrecognizable to young people of today. The main difference would be the absence of computers and everything that is driven by the power of microprocessors. An anecdote I read had someone saying his most useful office tool was a really sharp pencil. Even though food rationing continued until 1954 and the clean air was not passed until 1956 the 1950’s were a period of optimism following WW2. Television was starting to arrive in people home with a lot of people watching the first from the coronation in 1953.

Later in the decade the influences of America became clearer in music and style with the birth of the term teenager.

I have drawn my illustration, it is about a little girl who is sitting in the chair with her writing/homework/painting with her mum in their kitchen.


Making a moodboard (exercise)

I have done childhood for my moodboard exercise.

I collected catalogues, stickers, magazines and cards etc. For the images I have collected Disney pictures, pictures of children’s food, clothes and toys. I have collected images of children’s rooms with decorations. I also used the sheep from Chinese New Year for 2015.  I have drawn a simple colourful kite then when I made the collage I put it in the middle at the top.

I tried to organize the swatches, then put red and pink in the right hand side corner, green in the left hand bottom corner, blue on the upper left side corner then yellow in the middle around the baby. But at last the A2 paper looks massive and absolutely full of colours. But I think the colours of childhood are all like this.

I put a heart in the centre to try to draw the eye. Everything else is arranged around this sleeping baby.

Making a moodboard (1) Making a moodboard (2) Making a moodboard (3) Making a moodboard (4) Making a moodboard (5)