Making a moodboard (exercise)

I have done childhood for my moodboard exercise.

I collected catalogues, stickers, magazines and cards etc. For the images I have collected Disney pictures, pictures of children’s food, clothes and toys. I have collected images of children’s rooms with decorations. I also used the sheep from Chinese New Year for 2015.  I have drawn a simple colourful kite then when I made the collage I put it in the middle at the top.

I tried to organize the swatches, then put red and pink in the right hand side corner, green in the left hand bottom corner, blue on the upper left side corner then yellow in the middle around the baby. But at last the A2 paper looks massive and absolutely full of colours. But I think the colours of childhood are all like this.

I put a heart in the centre to try to draw the eye. Everything else is arranged around this sleeping baby.

Making a moodboard (1) Making a moodboard (2) Making a moodboard (3) Making a moodboard (4) Making a moodboard (5)

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