An objective drawing (Exercise)

In this exercise I have taken an item from the provided list and explored this object visually. I have become aware of its texture, physical qualities and function. What is the item for – what does it do?

I have chosen a pair of glasses and a hat.

For the glasses. I have used HB-6B pencils with shadow and tones to let the glasses stand out of the background.

An objective drawing (1)

For the hat, I tried simple lines first, then with HB-6B pencils. I used shadow and tones to make it have a three-dimension effect. Finally I used fine lines for the appearance, its textures, physical qualities and function. To show that it is a warm hat.

An objective drawing (2) An objective drawing (3) An objective drawing (4)

I like to use the pencils they can match up with rubbers, then use them to highlights areas and use some special effects.

I like the fine lines appearance but I find it more difficult to control and get the effects I want.

I will carry on to try more ways to draw objective drawing and improve my visually draw ability and technical.

2 thoughts on “An objective drawing (Exercise)

  1. Hi Aileen,
    Thank you for your message saying that you saw my blog. I hope your Drawing 1 Course is going well for you. I am now on Part 5. I like your drawings of the glasses and hat. They are very 3-dimensional and your texture is very convincing.
    Good luck with the course.


    1. Thanks for your encouragement Mary. Sorry for the late reply that I was in China and just came back last then sorted my submission of assignment 3.
      I guess you have completed your drawing 1 course? Good luck for your assessment.


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