A subjective drawing (Exercise)

For this subjective exercise I chose the theme of an eye to draw.

There are lots of objects related to eyes from drawings, authors, and photographs. I think it is quite easy to get thoughts and themes about this object, but how will this one be amazing and awesome that is my challenge.

A list of a series of words from research google:

An subjective drawing -1

Then I decided to work with the word “transparency” (I also circled “sorrowful” to accompany it.)

At the moment the main factors which influence the environment are: exhaust fumes, pollution and CO2. We don’t always take into consideration the effect we have on the environment, like driving a car with a cold engine for a short trip without any planning about the way we live.

I’d like to dedicate this exercise to protect the environment.

For my moodboard I have got a Yorkshire living magazine and made a collage with it

Method 1: I have drawn a big eye first, then put the Yorkshire view scenery on  to clear plastic. Finally I put the clear plastic on the paper with the picture of the big eye. Feels a bit smudged.

An subjective drawing -3 An subjective drawing -4 An subjective drawing-5 An subjective drawing-6

Method 2: I tried another way. I drew the Yorkshire scenery first then used marker pen for CD’s to draw the big eye on the clear plastic. Finally I put them together. A bit better I think.

An subjective drawing-7 An subjective drawing-8 An subjective drawing-9

Method 3: I tried draw it straight away.

An subjective drawing-10

Method 4: I drew it on a cartridge watercolour page.

An subjective drawing-11

Overall I felt that I did not have complete control over the effect I wanted. I wanted the colours outside the circle of the eye to be lighter coloured.

2 thoughts on “A subjective drawing (Exercise)

  1. rukshanaafia says:

    A way of working which I haven’t tried ! I don’t usually feel I have control over effects – either I’m not good enough at drawing or am influenced by my ceramic work to go with unexpected outcomes & see what happens next . I rather like the final drawing – I know it isn’t what you wanted but the colours being similar in intensity does work .


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