Assignment two: Point of sale display


Some research about point of sale display from google but unfortunately I don’t know where they are actually from.

point of sale display point of sale display-2 point of sale display-3 point of sale display-4 point of sale display-5 point of sale display-6 point of sale display-7

Fruits & Vegetables from Morrisons

morrison fruit-vegetable morrison-vegetable morrison-vegetable2

Some point of sale displays that were in Sainsbury’s supermarket.

sainsbury‘s canada water sainsbury's fruit&vegetable-1 sainsbury's fruit&vegetable-2 sainsbury's fruits-1 sainsbury's vegetables-1 sainsbury's vegetables-2

Understanding the brief

  1. To create 2 images, one for each range Summer and Autumn.
  2. To be used within a campaign for a supermarket, to package.
  3. To promote a range of seasonal foods: fruits and vegetables.
  4. To respect for the quality of foods. To promote this notion of quality in their design and packaging.
  5. To be a ‘point of sale’ display sited in a store.
  6. The final reproduction size will be 12*12 inches or in scale.
  7. The images should be objective.
  8. You may choose an individual piece, dissected or partly sliced sections, or create a group of several pieces.
  9. You can include other objects; a place; patterns; people or a combination of these.

Key words:

  1. quality foods, promote its notion of quality
  2. look delicious; appertising and healthy
  3. Summer: cool; juice
  4. Autumn: colourful; harvest

Spider diagrams

Assignment 2 (1) Assignment 2 (2) Assignment 2 (3) Assignment 2 (4)



Generating ideas and drawing ideas up (I am trying to use green and red for Summer, yellow and brown for Autumn.)

Cucumber is the best eye mask especialy for dark eyed panda, the basket has been upset by the panda, the water melon is ripe and splits.

Assignment 2 (5)

Happy fruits and vegetables characters for Summer.

Assignment 2 (6)

Assignment 2 (7) Assignment 2 (8) Assignment 2 (9)Assignment 2(10)

Choosing ideas

I really like the juicy feel of fruits and vegetables, I like the squirt and spray of the juice.

For this assignment, I have to draw objective pictures, but most of my ideas  come out as subjective.  The Autumn one will show the Autumn harvest which has the most vegetables and a bunch of bananas. For the summer one  I looked at choosing a vegetable salad but with this  I didn’t have lots of fruit which I like eating and drawing. finally I changed my mind to draw a  fruit salad for this assignment. I tried to show the juices from the fruits as much as I could. The top of the picture with the falling fruits is a little subjective I wanted to try this skill in the picture so I could practice and see how it turned out.

Assignment2 final work (1)

Assignment2 final work (2)

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