Illustrating visual space (Exercise)

I got a friends picture of a child, then cut out the image of the boy from the background. After that I changed the colour to just be black and white. I was thinking about places that a child could play. I did some research and discovered a Disney palace and a tree. I think it is easy to use photoshop to make different pictures which can be adjusted for better scales, sizes and distortion.

No. 1 Horizontal layout I feel the picture is balanced.

Illustrating visual space1

No. 2 Vertical, the picture is in a order.

Illustrating visual space2

No. 3 Diagonal, I suppose the little boy seems to be climbing the palace in a hurry.

Illustrating visual space3

No. 4 The boy is leaving the Disney palace and the tree is front of him.

Illustrating visual space4

No. 5 Trying to make the boy smaller to be more in scale with the buildings

Illustrating visual space4-2

No. 6 The boy is carrying these 2 elements.

Illustrating visual space5

No. 7 The boy is jumping over the tree and the Disney palace.

Illustrating visual space6

No. 8 A running queue of the boy to the Disney palace.

Illustrating visual space7

No. 9 The boy is trying to jump into the Disney palace from the tree.

Illustrating visual space8

No. 10 The boy is looking at the Disney palace as though he maybe to plunge into it.

Illustrating visual space9

No.11 Differing angle to each other

Illustrating visual space13

No. 12 Differing angles to each other with distortion.

Illustrating visual space12

No. 13 The happy boy after visiting Disney palace.

Illustrating visual space10

No. 14 Adjust size of No. 13

Illustrating visual space11

How does your sense of the image and its meaning change when the figure is smaller than the other elements?

The boy is the smallest in size of these objects that are the three elements but he is the core of the pictures. His size is the control for the the narrative. When he was tiny because of the perspective  then  the other elements seem more imposing. When he is larger size they are less imposing.

If the elements are at differing angles to each other and at an angle to the frame, what dynamic is suggested?

I would give the impression that something bad has happened like an  earthquake, tornado etc. It gives the impression of disorder and chaos.

If all the elements are completely horizontal and vertical in relation to the frame what dynamic is suggested? What is your opinion about this image and what sensation does it communicate?

The dynamic probably suggests that all is in order, a calm and strength in a formal sense. This image will be steady like a stable building.

Which is your favourite composition? Explain why you feel it is most successful.

My favorite is the last one no.14 because the boy leads the narrative with a joyous feeling. It gives a sense of balance and the position. All the elements scales and sizes look better than the others. They are related and the same angle  to the frame.


This exercise give me a lots of experimenting with the practice of and points about the illustrating of visual space. I like this exercise because I did get some problems when I was doing assignment 2 when I tried to put the fruits and vegetables elements in the the Summer/Autumn pictures in arranging the space. I didn’t feeling comfortable drawing of the fruits that were hanging in the air (subjective bit).

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