First try at lino-cutting

I planned earlier in the year to practice my lino-cutting, but every February and March it is always my busiest time for work. After I have done my assignment 2 I had some free time to practice these skills.

This is a Yorkshire landscape picture, photo by Andrea Hargreaves that I have found on google.

photo by Andrea Hargreves

Now I am drawing some sketches to start my lino-cutting.



I have also drawn a black and white bird which is a imitation of some gift wrap I saw in Paperchase.


Today I would like to try a Yorkshire landscape for my lino-cutting.

IMG_4837 IMG_4838 IMG_4839 IMG_4840 IMG_4841

Well this is my first effort at trying the lino-cutting. I will forgive my rough work and sum up my experiences with it. For example: 1. A6 lino cut sheet need to be bigger or the nib I use smaller if I am cutting a lot of detail .2. The last 3 pictures have problem with rolling the colour on so it covers evenly. 3. When I tried to use colours (rainbow effect) on the same page I found that the roller I was using was too small for the size of paper. Etc…

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