Viewpoint (Exercise)

I made a small collection of objects about Summertime around a theme which I called ‘Pimm’s O’clock’.

Every Summer for us we like to have a bottle of Pimm’s. Then on a beautiful sunny day I made a jug of drinks and took some photos.

Pimm's O'clock (1) Pimm's O'clock (2) Pimm's O'clock (3) Pimm's O'clock (4) Pimm's O'clock (5) Pimm's O'clock (6) Pimm's O'clock (7) Pimm's O'clock (8) Pimm's O'clock (9) Pimm's O'clock (10) Pimm's O'clock (11) Pimm's O'clock (12) Pimm's O'clock (13) Pimm's O'clock (14) Pimm's O'clock (15) Pimm's O'clock (16) Pimm's O'clock (17) Pimm's O'clock (18) Pimm's O'clock (19) Pimm's O'clock (20) Pimm's O'clock (21) Pimm's O'clock (23) Pimm's O'clock (24) Pimm's O'clock (25) Pimm's O'clock (26) Pimm's O'clock (27) Pimm's O'clock (28) Pimm's O'clock (29)Pimm's O'clock (30)Pimm's O'clock (31)Pimm's O'clock (32)Pimm's O'clock (33)

I did the same thing with the drawings but worked in a format that is different from the viewfinder. I used  formats like square, long and thin square, irregular and some other medium like leaves and  a torn piece of paper. Then I repeated the exercise of exploring viewpoints but for this document my visual journey was around the set in my sketchbook.


Viewpoint (2) Viewpoint (3) Viewpoint (4) Viewpoint (5) Viewpoint (6) Viewpoint (7) Viewpoint (8) Viewpoint (9) Viewpoint (11)

I quite like the pattern on the tissues which is quite beautiful. This inspirers me to draw some blowing  bubbles and then look through those bubbles.


Viewpoint (12)

Rough drawing to show view through the bubbles

Viewpoint (13)

I also think about a Summer gift then quickly  drew a present’s packaging, then broke it to look through from the hole.

Viewpoint (14)

Viewpoint (15)

Viewpoint (17) Viewpoint (18)

My favourite design are like the pictures shown below which have simple colours contrasting and the transparent  jar and glass. Then I  think the lounge chair show the Summertime theme.

Pimm's O'clock (32)Pimm's O'clock (16)

I have used a pencil to draw this design on a 26cm*34cm sheet but I feel it is too empty on this size paper. Maybe I use the colours like red Pimm’s, burgundy drink and green lime. It is quite  simple for  Summer style and colours.

Viewpoint (19)


Which viewpoint best fitted the word your objects illustrated? Why was this?

In fact, I like all the viewpoints of my design but I think the last one is the easiest and simplest to convey the Summertime theme which only has 3 elements in. 3 main colours (red Pimm’s, burgundy drink and green lime). I used the simple lines of a square and a triangle to position the elements of the picture.

Which format best illustrated your words?

The lounge chair and the surprise gift ones are more complex formats but they convey the Summer theme and fantasy of design. The best one would be the lounge chair one.

Did changing viewpoint make you think differently about your choice of objects and arrangement of them?

When I changed the viewpoint I also had to make a decision to rearrange the elements.  As I explored more viewpoints I had to think about the best way of expressing the Summer elements in a simple manner.


Quentin Blake draws and tells the story of Lester and friends Olympic Games

I found this wonderful archive of Quentin drawing live on BBC programme Jackanory

In the 1970s Blake was an occasional presenter of the BBC children’s story-telling programme Jackanory, when he would illustrate the stories on a canvas as he was telling them.  The highest recognition available to creators of children’s books.

Such an amazing video to watch, Sir Quentin was drawing while telling the story. I like his  simple style  and full of features.

Weston park museum visit

I couldn’t catch up with any student visit with the OCA yet but I passed the Weston park museum for some reason today. Then I had a quick look in it.

These are pictures around 1950’s in Sheffield.

20150620_111024 20150620_111037

20150620_111052 20150620_111224

During 1939-1945 The Second World War.

20150620_111341 20150620_111400 20150620_111546

The oil  paintings around of people and landscapes around Sheffield.


The steel history in Sheffield.


No.49 the cigarette case produce from Sheffield 1940

20150620_112127 20150620_112204

Next I went to the Art halls here are some pictures that I liked.


20150620_113743 20150620_114040 20150620_114056 20150620_114114 20150620_114158 20150620_114235

Giving instructions (Exercise) – Part 2 – Reference

I chose the making a cup of tea as this exercise.

I have found some directions from the Yorkshire tea website. Simple instructions and simple diagrams. In fact, I quite like the website design with the red colour in the titles,and red tea pot matching with the green Yorkshire landscape. You will have to look here

to see the full effect.

Capture1 - Copy Capture2



I watched a very long video from a BBC program about many many kinds of tea from the world. I do like tea and I enjoyed watching it. I learnt about lots of different types of tea, caddies and drinking it with food.

Giving instructions (Exercise) – Part 1- Research

After I used internet, reference books leaflets etc. I found these illustrations and pictures which helped me to understand the way instructions have been used for procedural tasks. My collection of examples and reference are as below:

The first picture is a satirical cartoon above the development of workers right in the USA over the last couple of hundred years.


The other pictures show the tying of clothing and scarves for the most fashion effect.

mmexport1409740455358 mmexport1409740540132 mmexport1409740670411 mmexport1409740683833

Finally I found some instructions in the house for the kettle, printer and the washing machine with diagrams in them.


20150616_130812 20150616_130819 20150616_130827 20150616_130832 20150616_130843

Morrisons052 Morrisons053 Morrisons054 Morrisons055 Morrisons056

Abstract illustration (Exercise)

I am going to give myself a challenge, abstract drawing which I have never done before.

I have read the brief: To choose a piece of music of a musician from the list of musicians in the material. Listen to the music then create marks which convey your interpretation of the essence or mood of the piece.

I chose Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1

Work quickly and intuitively to bring a degree of self-expression to the exercise.

Abstract Illustration (1) Abstract Illustration (2) Abstract Illustration (3) Abstract Illustration (4) Abstract Illustration (5)

When I looked back at my worksheet, no semblance of order.  I need a little bit tidy up the lines, colours, marks and textures. I think flowing describes my work so far from the music I will use this adjective.

Abstract Illustration (6) Abstract Illustration (7) Abstract Illustration (8) Abstract Illustration (9) Abstract Illustration (10)

Go through your drawings and choose a square area that you feel communicates the meaning of your chosen word and has visually interesting qualities.

Abstract Illustration (12)

Using a square format and working at any size, reproduce your selected area. Starting with your chosen adjective, introduce colours, textures and shapes. Choose any media you like for this exercise and experiment by mixing them. Maybe the abstract drawing is not exactly same so I changed a little bit in this image.

Abstract Illustration (14)

Abstract Illustration (15)

Abstract Illustration (16)

I quite like my feeling of my design for the cover of a CD or maybe It will be a little more refined after my skill at abstact drawing improves.


Beethoven CD cover (1) Beethoven CD cover (2) Beethoven CD cover (3)