Research: Poster

I know I will look at some posters during my study for assignment 3. Therefore I did some research about posters. I asked myself the following questions:

  • What is a poster?
  • What is a poster for?
  • From how long ago is the poster?
  • How many kinds of poster style?
  • What were famous posters in the past and at the present?
  • What is the poster’s future as there are lots of mediums the modern world? Will some new mediums/videos/etc replace the poster and will it disapear?

Final I have found these website to answer my questions.

My  posters for assignment 3 are going to challenge these key points:

What makes a poster effective? Excellent design is key.

What makes poster design

effective, exuberant, eye-catching, impossible to resist, persuasive and memorable ?

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