Giving instructions (Exercise) – Part 1- Research

After I used internet, reference books leaflets etc. I found these illustrations and pictures which helped me to understand the way instructions have been used for procedural tasks. My collection of examples and reference are as below:

The first picture is a satirical cartoon above the development of workers right in the USA over the last couple of hundred years.


The other pictures show the tying of clothing and scarves for the most fashion effect.

mmexport1409740455358 mmexport1409740540132 mmexport1409740670411 mmexport1409740683833

Finally I found some instructions in the house for the kettle, printer and the washing machine with diagrams in them.


20150616_130812 20150616_130819 20150616_130827 20150616_130832 20150616_130843

Morrisons052 Morrisons053 Morrisons054 Morrisons055 Morrisons056

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