Giving instructions (Exercise) – Part 3 – Sketches

I have taken pictures of the procedures of how to make a cup of tea in my house.

20150615_095712 20150615_095912 20150615_095927 20150615_100008 20150615_100024 20150615_100058 20150615_100103_1 20150615_100238 20150615_100735 20150615_10080020150615_100432 20150615_100458 20150615_101225 IMG_4921 IMG_492220150615_101422 20150615_101612

When I looked at the original instruction of my kettle I was thinking about “how to use the kettle” is already there. “How to make a cup of tea?” just to add a couple of steps.


My sketches:

IMG_4925 IMG_4924




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