Weston park museum visit

I couldn’t catch up with any student visit with the OCA yet but I passed the Weston park museum for some reason today. Then I had a quick look in it.

These are pictures around 1950’s in Sheffield.

20150620_111024 20150620_111037

20150620_111052 20150620_111224

During 1939-1945 The Second World War.

20150620_111341 20150620_111400 20150620_111546

The oil  paintings around of people and landscapes around Sheffield.


The steel history in Sheffield.


No.49 the cigarette case produce from Sheffield 1940

20150620_112127 20150620_112204

Next I went to the Art halls here are some pictures that I liked.


20150620_113743 20150620_114040 20150620_114056 20150620_114114 20150620_114158 20150620_114235

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