Assignment 3 A poster- Part 1

The brief

To design an illustration for a poster for a music event. I have chosen a Jazz evening.

The finished poster will be reproduced at A3 size but I can work at the size, in proportion. I need to provide my working drawings – the thumbnails and visuals – with the finished piece.

The poster will include the title of the event, the date, time, place and any other information I think appropriate. I can either include this on my artwork or indicate where it will be positioned.


About Posters, I have done  research while I was doing the exercise Image development  earlier in this assignment.

Music concert posters show on website.

What to do

Start by brainstorming and create a moodboard. Produce a range of alternative thumbnails in which I consider viewpoints and various arrangements of the content you have selected.

I started with a spider diagram. I used the words Jazz evening to empty my head of any possible ideas then reviewed all the associated words to grade them for usefulness.

I collected some pictures which I liked to put them together for a Jazz evening moodboard incorporating design elements that I have in mind to use as inspiration for my poster.

Poster brainstorming moodboard (1) Poster brainstorming moodboard (2)

I also collected some photography





Some artwork pictures





A few days ago when I was on the way home from Houghton-Le-Spring I saw this poster on the street.

Houghton Le Spring

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