Assignment 3 A poster – Part 3

Choose the two compositions I like best and create two line visuals (well I did some trials with some coloured blocks because I want to see the impacts straight away). I think I like the second one and the third one. After the image developments. I have changed the words’ position and put some instruments on.

IMG_5048 A Jazz Evening Poster (6)

Don’t get bogged down by detail that doesn’t help you to describe the main structure and content of the image. Maybe I have paid a little bit too much attention to thinking about the layout.

Try to organize the letters pose and space. I didn’t actually use the way cutting down paper when I was doing exercise(project Composition and viewpoint) instead  I used the photoshop to move the elements in visual space. Then I threw the cut pieces on a A3 paper.

IMG_5042 A Jazz Evening Poster (11) A Jazz Evening Poster (12)

What colour for the background? I tested putting the pictures on different coloured backgrounds which helped me to work out the best background.

A Jazz Evening Poster (13) A Jazz Evening Poster (14) A Jazz Evening Poster (16) A Jazz Evening Poster (17) A Jazz Evening Poster (18)

At last I have chosen the pale yellow to be the background of the A3 paper, then sprinkled some strong bold colours. Last I pasted in the final elements.

A Jazz Evening Poster (19)

The final piece.

A Jazz Evening Poster (20)

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