Character development (Exercise)

Collect as many examples as possible of different characters.  I have got some human characters from newspapers and magazines. Next I had to catalogue these characters as types and create my own category headings: children, children playing, women, and men.





I got some books about drawing cartoons so that before I start the character practice for this exercise I could warm up with some cartoon characters in individual styles.

When I was cutting all these characters out I released that I am interested in some cute cartoon characters from Disney which are very popular and famous in the world. One of my favorite characters is Thumper the Rabbit from Bambi. He is such a funny and cute figure which left a deep impression on me. I also collected some pictures from websites and pasted here now.

Capture-1Capture-2 Capture-3 Capture-4 Capture-5 Capture-6 Capture-7 Capture-8 Capture-9 Capture-10

There is a video which is the character Thumper repeats his father’s words after being asked by his mother “What did your father tell you?”

I like the line “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”, as well as “Eating greens is a special treat, that makes long ears and great big feet. (aside to Bambi) But it sure is awful stuff to eat. I made that last part up myself”.

For the Disney character they are awesome, adorable delicate and stylish characters. For the Bambi cartoon film I can’t believe that they made excellent figures in 1942 when everything had to be hand drawn and animated.

My husband recently bought me 2 classic DVD which are Bambi and Frozen for my collection. I was amazed at the film  Bambi and also interesting the new animation of Disney on Frozen which is a recent film.

So for this exercise I am going practice a Disney face figure “Elsa”.

This is the video I found from website which is how to draw Elsa from “Frozen”

I began as a brainstorm from Disney characters and a beautiful lady’s figure.


img001 Character development-1

Draw my character from the front, from the side and from the back. I draw the outline of Elsa’s figure first.


img003  5789 (1) 5900

Then I have tried a little bit colour on my Elsa figure.

5555789 (3) Character development-1 (8)

I have tried another character who is Thumper the Rabbit from Bambi.

Character development-2

Overall I think I am not that close to the Disney style yet. Some things like the characters need more indicate and refinement.

Some problem like I failed the side view on first sketch, Elsa’s eyes’ oval are too big and haven’t left any space for eyeballs and maybe I have to draw some shadows to improve my characters.

I think this is a quite interesting and useful exercise and I could do with the practice as much as I can. Unfortunately my this assignment’s deadline is past already so I have to rush to finish drawing now.

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