Assignment 4 Magazine illustration-Part 4

I imagined it was a dark night on 13th November,  there are two sources of light in the room, the lamp on the table and the light shining in the window. For my finished work I want grey or black and white contrasting then a red spray on glass window. As if the light sources come from both sides and are mixed up.

I have read an artist that said when you need to use grey or black just mix up a couple of colours together and you can throw your black colour  away from the palette. It seems I didn’t listen to him and I have used the black as the main colour of this image. So I don’t know who is wrong or is there a different way of doing this.

I was not comfortable that I only put grey and black colours on the line drawing image because it looks very dirty. But after I made the line and shadows darker then I feel it is an improvement.

This assignment I started from a still life but at last the character is going to be the main narrative point. Apart I tonal colours that I think I have made too dirty I am happy with the rest of the effect.



Assignment4 Magazine illustration (20)

I thought the red colour would  be a very striking contrast to the rest section.

It’s a disaster for Paris and lots of families but the Eiffel Towel is still bright. Pray for Paris and they are not afraid.

I don’t want to put any words on this image but I think I can use either “Lost” or “Disaster” or maybe both.




Assignment 4 Magazine illustration-Part 3

I started thinking about adding a background to the picture like a window. Outside the window is the landscape of Paris where you can see there are normal houses and the Eiffel Tower in the far end the view.


Apart from the Eiffel Towel being too big for this picture and that I need to emphasize the main narratives which are the telephone and mobile etc. on the table.

Another attempt that put the table as the main viewpoint, then moved the frame on to the wall now because I felt that it looked empty.


At this stage I’d like to introduce a character who is waiting for phone call from her husband.


I have practiced some expressions for this woman. The beautiful face has gone but the anxiety face is coming.


Create a line visual of my illustration.


I was thinking about if I should put her handbag in this picture or not? So I decided to put in.


She is sitting in the chair with her body facing the window but her face is turned around bit right as if she’s afraid to look outside because of the attacks.

As the brief says I could choose to totally eliminate the line from the drawing or to build tone around it. I am in a  bit of a rush for this assignment as my deadline is passed already so I am ignored doing the practice where I should done some sketches with scans and photocopys.


Assignment 4 Magazine illustration-Part 2

I think it is difficult to draw this at the moment because it is too close to home with recent events.  No figures that I can draw can explain the blood bath that has occurred recently.

So I collected some pictures from website like:

mmexport1447577978525 mmexport1447584649530 mmexport1447585021443 mmexport1447585021443-1 mmexport1447585021443-2 mmexport1447585021443-3 mmexport1447585021443-4Capture- (8)

First I am going to do some sketches.

First sketch I used one of the picture that has a shoe and a bloody clothes combined with some Autumn’s leaves on the street as my still life.


Then I thought to use a baseball cap to instead of the clothes with a leaf is falling down to the road from the sky. This reminds me there are some young people dead in this terror attack.

I used pen and a little bit of watercolour for this effect

img002 img003

This morning (Nov. 15th) I have read a story from a website which is about a 38 year old woman who is waiting for her 37 year old husband to come back home. On the afternoon of 13th November her husband had gone to work as normal in the Cambodia restaurant in the 10th district.  His wife was waiting for him to come back to spend lovely weekend together. When this writer published this story there was nothing in the news about what had happened to him but this wife knew the restaurant has been attacked. She didn’t call the police because she knew how busy the officers are and in fact her main reason is she doesn’t want to believe her husband is dead.

She still calls her husband by phone many times since the attack happened because she’d like to believe her husband’s phone’s batteries flat. (Unfortunately she has still not got through to him on the night of 13th).

So this story made me associate with people who have lost family and are struggling with disaster. In my mind she maybe got some news from the hospital or police or maybe still is keeping calling or waiting beside the telephone or mobile phone.

Now my first thumbnail which is basic still life is of a telephone, a mobile phone and a car key. The women is organised and attentive that if there is any news from hospital that she will be ready to visit her husband right now.


To improve my still life


Sketches-Developing style

As to be a illustrator I know the sketches are very important to me and I am short of practice.

In my normal everyday life how can I to find subjects to draw? Also how do I find the time to do this?

At odd moments I think I’d like to draw some stick figures that I can just quickly jot down. The figures could be like wimpy kid or Keith Haring etc but they are famous artists.

As I started I knew things would be difficult and strange but I need to be sufficiently dedicated to stay the course.

img001 img002

After Paris attacks, many people are struck with panic and So am I.

A safe journey to work (1) A safe journey to work (2) A safe journey to work (3) A safe journey to work (4) A safe journey to work (5)


Waiting for train-1

A inept pheasant

Modern kids

Assignment 4 Magazine illustration-Part 1

This assignment will give me the opportunity to demonstrate my developing style, use of tools and materials.  This is very useful practice for an illustrator I am happy to work on it. I can examine other work and try to improve mine. I will use watercolour, pencils and inks to provide work for this exercise.

The brief

A magazine wants an illustration on one of the following topics:

Lost               Disaster                   Discovery                     Guilty secret

They want an illustration based on a still life. I have the freedom to select the items for the still life and I am given creative free reign.The rest of the content, the method I use to produce it and the colours I use are all for me to decide.

What to do

  1. Produce a well-observed and objective drawing.
  2. Consider the materials to use and do thumbnail alternative compositions to explore variations and formats.
  3. Distort my drawing to convey the essence of the word.
  4. Each decision I make should contribute to the overall description of the theme.
  5. Choose to eliminate the line or to build a tonal version of the drawing.
  6. I may introduce a character, narrative or modify my original still life.
  7. Take the visual through to final artwork.
  8. Working at a maximum A3 size.


I began by searching some posters to give me inspiration for this assignment.


From Mattson Creatove:

Capture-1Capture-2Capture-3 Capture-4

From Phantom City


From Pixel Curse:


From Pavlikdesign on Etsy


Above Images are very simple design. These graphic designs are clear and bold. I will try to learn from these.



Disaster(above): Broadcast receivers can help the enemy sink you Don’t use them!
Artist: Edward T. Grigware, (1941-1943)
Poster for Thirteenth Naval District, United States Navy, showing Japanese and German submarines and planes targeting a ship on the horizon.
Work Projects Administration Poster Collection (Library of Congress)

From AKDN Posters:


From  Malice Bathory 


From RavePad






From Roger Mortimer-Smith




I can’t decide which poster I am going to do for this assignment. So I try to start off with lost and disaster. Then I will brainstorm for ideas and create a spider diagram.

Brainstorm (2)Brainstorm (1)

When I had finished these I went to bed early because I was very tired. While I was sleeping the events in Paris were all over the news media. What a horrible night for Paris I looked at the news and other media to get some ideas for reference.


Capture-21 Capture-24Capture-26

Capture-22 Capture-23 Capture-25

These pictures bring forward the sadness of the awful events and the effects on everyday people. This is a still life which is about war.

White Guard (Aleksandr Ustinovich, 2004)


Oil painting by William Chapman Sharpe


In these pictures I see the artists attempts to portray the horror of warfare and the effects on the individual.