Assignment 4 Magazine illustration-Part 2

I think it is difficult to draw this at the moment because it is too close to home with recent events.  No figures that I can draw can explain the blood bath that has occurred recently.

So I collected some pictures from website like:

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First I am going to do some sketches.

First sketch I used one of the picture that has a shoe and a bloody clothes combined with some Autumn’s leaves on the street as my still life.


Then I thought to use a baseball cap to instead of the clothes with a leaf is falling down to the road from the sky. This reminds me there are some young people dead in this terror attack.

I used pen and a little bit of watercolour for this effect

img002 img003

This morning (Nov. 15th) I have read a story from a website which is about a 38 year old woman who is waiting for her 37 year old husband to come back home. On the afternoon of 13th November her husband had gone to work as normal in the Cambodia restaurant in the 10th district.  His wife was waiting for him to come back to spend lovely weekend together. When this writer published this story there was nothing in the news about what had happened to him but this wife knew the restaurant has been attacked. She didn’t call the police because she knew how busy the officers are and in fact her main reason is she doesn’t want to believe her husband is dead.

She still calls her husband by phone many times since the attack happened because she’d like to believe her husband’s phone’s batteries flat. (Unfortunately she has still not got through to him on the night of 13th).

So this story made me associate with people who have lost family and are struggling with disaster. In my mind she maybe got some news from the hospital or police or maybe still is keeping calling or waiting beside the telephone or mobile phone.

Now my first thumbnail which is basic still life is of a telephone, a mobile phone and a car key. The women is organised and attentive that if there is any news from hospital that she will be ready to visit her husband right now.


To improve my still life


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