Assignment 4 Magazine illustration-Part 4

I imagined it was a dark night on 13th November,  there are two sources of light in the room, the lamp on the table and the light shining in the window. For my finished work I want grey or black and white contrasting then a red spray on glass window. As if the light sources come from both sides and are mixed up.

I have read an artist that said when you need to use grey or black just mix up a couple of colours together and you can throw your black colour  away from the palette. It seems I didn’t listen to him and I have used the black as the main colour of this image. So I don’t know who is wrong or is there a different way of doing this.

I was not comfortable that I only put grey and black colours on the line drawing image because it looks very dirty. But after I made the line and shadows darker then I feel it is an improvement.

This assignment I started from a still life but at last the character is going to be the main narrative point. Apart I tonal colours that I think I have made too dirty I am happy with the rest of the effect.



Assignment4 Magazine illustration (20)

I thought the red colour would  be a very striking contrast to the rest section.

It’s a disaster for Paris and lots of families but the Eiffel Towel is still bright. Pray for Paris and they are not afraid.

I don’t want to put any words on this image but I think I can use either “Lost” or “Disaster” or maybe both.



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