Your own work (Exercise)

The brief for this exercise states that all my work exists as my property not only as work to satisfy an exercise or assignment.

I need to look through my work to date and identify the elements and images I have enjoyed. I need to look at what I enjoyed most aesthetically or conceptually and produce a gallery of these.

My gallery:

A menu card-sketch (4) A menu card-sketch (2) A menu card-sketch (1)

I then need to identify an image from my gallery and identify an audience for it.

Recently most of the shops have had to charge 5p per bag if you didn’t have one of your own. So there is a market for re-useable bags that are environmentally friendly.

Then I need to look at producing the object as a commercially viable or appealing object.

I have searched some supermarkets’ shopping bags which had patterns I liked:

Tesco shopping bag Morrison shopping bag (1) Asda shopping bag Tesco shopping bag-2

The fruits are bright colours and patterns. Simple designs and well matched colours are there to attract you that there are fresh grocery in their shops. With the use of the words “bag for life” to remind us to save bags.

The other day when I passed a fish monger in market. So I remembered that I had designed a menu card which is for a fish restaurant.

I am going to produce a design for a plastic bag and a tote bag.  Then to practice my work on a tote bag.

Your own work-1 Your own work-2 Your own work-2-2 Your own work-3

So I want them to have a simple pattern in the middle of each side and the basic words  “Fresh fish” for fish market or “Fresh foods” for any of the supermarkets. But the last one looks too much like a live fish even it looks more fresh with this image.

Another design is for preparing a bag to put in your handbag when you shopping.

Your own work-4 Your own work-5

Overall I liked the black and white cat one because it looks appealing. And I’d like put it in my handbag to save the plastic ones when I go to shopping. I like this design I based on a picture of my brother in laws cat.

I have looked online they would be about £18 each to get it printed. This is just for a one-off bag. The prices would get cheaper if I was looking a producing more.


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