Editorial illustration (Exercise)-Part 1

For this exercise I collected some newspapers with some articles that contains an illustration.

My first search was for illustrations of  pictures about food which I found in a M&S leaflet. The headings for each article are Turkey, Cheese, Christmas Pudding and Chocolate. When I think about it in my head, they are all foods I like to eat.

These pictures are not coloured but they are clear in their lines and tones. They are representational informational illustrations helping you to use up leftover food.

Guardian 5-12-2015 (1)

My second search was a mixed medium which has photos and illustrations together. They are  recipes with text and diagrams showing information about the images. Again they are about food In this case a little more narrative about how the food is produced.

These two illustrations are a robin and a woman both from the both are in articles by Bridget Christie. The headings for these are Chirpy and Suffragettes. The image of the robin is usually seen as an happy image, in this case it is drawn in  different way as a metaphor for the unhappiness and her struggles to change this. The article with the suffragette being shredded is asking if there is no need for this sort of struggle any more. These are both images that are linked to the narrative and represent an attempt to encapsulate the essence of the article.

Guardian 5-12-2015 (4) Guardian 5-12-2015 (5)

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