Editorial illustration (Exercise)-Part 3

Make a list of words that describe the illustration you want to create.

Window is the border between the different status of the disaster in the room but the bright lights of city to look at outside.

Woman (narrative) The women has a pose shows that life is changing from the struggle over lost family to being able to face life anew. She maybe opens the window to get a breath of fresh air.

Eiffel Tower shows this story happened in Paris.

Daytime/night/Sunshine or lights which ever one is best for outside I haven’t decided yet.

The scenery of city means a new situation to face.

A dog (a companion) But not sure yet.

A bird (swift bird)(Spring is coming) is singing to please the ears.

Something I have found out which is inspired from the film Ghost. The women thinks her husband is still with her in heaven. I don’t know how can I convey this point in my image?

This illustration I want to produce is offering an opinion. When the woman is opening the window there is fresh air, city signs, Eiffel Tower and sunlight outside. Christmas is coming and after that new year then Spring they are all on the way.


I also tried to practice sun light around the Eiffel Tower a couple of ways but it seems I have not found out the right one yet.

Then I quickly enlarge my image to arrange every element on the paper. Also to think about landscape or portrait?


After that I have created a line visual by pencil.


I also created a palette for this image but do these colours match well? I am not sure what they will be they like when I colour them into the image.


Next I am going to use photoshop to place the colours onto my image. I will separate the 2 parts of this room, that is the inside and outside. First I have used dark colours for inside which are black, various tones of grey and blue to convey the covered atmosphere. In my opinion these dark colours  will convey the terrorist threat still covering Paris.


Then the outside is another world: beautiful city, colourful buildings, the Eiffel Tower, sunlight and the bird is singing. So the woman try to reach out for these to get a new life for herself.



Then I was struggling with making the sunlight effect. I have tried Filter-Blur-Radial Blur and Filter-Render-Lens Flare by Photoshop. I have been just using trial and error and I don’t know which one is the best of these?

11 15 16 17

Also I know there are many digital medium that can do this better but I can use photoshop better than the others. If I get the time to try I’d like to learn more ways either by drawing or digital media.

Now I am going to tint the line image freehand and using my digital visual as a guide. Before I tint it I just change a little bit of the women’s right forearm.

19 20

I was keeping my method to be black in sharp contrast to the other colours. But I have to admit my brush is very rough and ready. So to have pure black colour in the drawing I really need to improve my skills and have more practice.  I’d like to use one of the digital ones for my final image.

Overall did I make the black area (the inside bit) too big? I tried to cut off some out of the last image. It does not feel better than it was before. I was thinking about there must be some more ideas to convey the beauty of Paris but I am struggling here. I was thinking about her husband in heaven as the story like the film Ghost. Her husband aids her to find new life but I decided not to follow this idea.

When I was considering the phrase Paris still the best place on earth I wanted to show the beauty of the city of Paris in the skyline. I wished to temper this with respect for the atrocities that have taken place in Paris recently and to have a balance to my image.

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