Travel guides(Exercise)-part 3

I have made the characters for each city. In the collages I used the Turkish woman’s scarf and Italian woman’s opera mask but I couldn’t find any good item for the Finnish woman’s element so I just draw it.

111133331111111113333444411114444E3 travel guide element (15)E3 travel guide element (16)E3 travel guide element (14)

Compare these: I am going to use these three characters for my book jackets.

111133331111111114444E3 travel guide element (14)

The Turkish scarf has traditional elements and the Italian opera mask is colourful, but the for the Finnish women I have only drawn one idea.

Then I put the characters on the book jackets and adjust the elements.

E3-travel guide (29) E3-travel guide (29)-1-jpg E3-travel guide (30) E3-travel guide (30)-1 E3-travel guide (31) E3-travel guide (31)-1

For the font I am going to use Ravie Regular because matches with the rough paintings, collages, handcrafts and the shadows.

E3-travel guide (30)-1 E3-travel guide (31) E3-travel guide (29)

My thoughts are that the backgrounds are too light.

E3-travel guide (32) E3-travel guide (33)  E3-travel guide (35)

Suddenly I can’t decide which background is better. I think I better come back to see which one I will choose later.

Using the map of the whole country may make people think that the guide is for the whole country. So I have made the map bigger to highlight the one city.

E3-travel guide (36) E3-travel guide (37) E3-travel guide (38)

E3-travel guide (40) E3-travel guide (41) E3-travel guide (42)

For this exercise I need to choose one of them to do a mock-up one. I think I am going to use the Helsinki one to do the mock-up.

E3-travel guide mock-up-2

For the back cover, I made a magnifying glass with photoshop to introduce the main context of the book.

E3 travel guide element (17)

E3-travel guide mock-up-4

The final work.

E3-travel guide mock-up-5

I was struggling this exercise for a long time. I was not confident when I started because my tutor and I were not happy with last series of designs which were of 3 museum posters.

When I was painting  the background the colours were unbalanced from Istanbul, Helsinki to Milan. They were getting darker each time. I tried to use photoshop to make the colour lighter, but it was rough and some bit colours did not look right. I decided to fill the colour by photoshop and finished up with two types of background..

I am not happy with my drawing of the Finnish blini it does’ look like a pancake maybe it looks like a slice of a fruit?

Then I made the handcrafts for the architecture. I haven’t any experience when I was doing the first one, the Milan Duomo. It was just a case of trial and error and I had to change the paper as well . After this the Blue Mosque then Helsinki Cathedral have been better.

I am happy with the characters that I have made, apart from the Finnish girl’s hands pose. Does she look a bit strange?  Then I had some decisions like shall I use their whole bodies or maybe just use part of them? The biggest part of them look like dresses, I just painted them gray which looked very boring (I changed the Finnish girl’s dresses with some red on but I left the two sleeves with dark gray they should be lighter). I have used some colours to convey the local garments, like the Turkish scarf,and the Finnish pattern on the dress and hair band and Italian opera mask. I think I have shown their true nature.

The one way  I didn’t try was that if I had used  gray and black for each countries’ maps and give colours to the other elements. I think I don’t have much time for the rest of the exercises in this assignment so I better go ahead.





Travel guides(Exercise)-part 2

I have drawn a picture of the local cuisine on the background of each of the cities.

world cuisine-2

Now I am going to put these elements on the jackets

E3-travel guide (23)-1 E3-travel guide (21)-1 E3-travel guide (22)-1

I have drawn the Duomo of Milan, the Blue Mosque of Istanbul and the cathedral of Helsinki. I began with the idea to use black and white but I will try different ways that use colours for the architecture.


Then I painted the architecture that are going to be black by hand to make a collage.

111122223333 1111223334444111133331111

Then I add them to the jackets.

E3-travel guide (23)-2 E3-travel guide (23)-3 E3-travel guide (23)-4

E3-travel guide (25)-1 E3-travel guide (25)-2 E3-travel guide (25)-3

E3-travel guide (26)-1 E3-travel guide (26)-2 E3-travel guide (26)-3

After placing the architecture with several colours on each cities’ patterns. The best way is with black for the buildings.

Next step I am going to put each cities’ characters on. But at the moment I feel my characters’ pictures don’t convey the tradition of the countries. So I need to do some more research.

Turkish folk dance finish national costume-2 Italian opera-0


Travel guides(Exercise)-part 1

For this exercise I am going to produce three illustrations (locations: Istanbul, Helsinki and Milan) for a series of books jackets.


1. As many elements are brought together in a diagrammatic way for each illustration.

2.The type to be laid out in an appropriate style.

3. The elements should be interesting to catch up the eyes of the audience.

4. What are the guide books showing to the readers? Famous building, traditional culture, beaches, traffic, shopping and food? we are going to show the readers that these book are part of a series, they have the same size and layout.

5. Size: 13cm*20cm

To start off this exercise, I am going to research some websites to catch with a variety of pictures of traditional places, famous culture, classic buildings and  characteristic local people. Then I will proceed to make a mood board.

IstanbulIstanbul mood board


MilanMilan mood board


Brainstorming (1)Brainstorming (2)Brainstorming (3)

I have marked some similar sights, then try to find some ideas to make a series of book jackets.

Next I am going to jot down some sketches and produce some ideas as thumbnails.

Helsinki-sketch-1 Istanbul-sketch-1 Milan-sketch-1

For producing a series of book jackets, I am going to find a common thread of these three cities. I am trying to use the same elements for each city: A main/famous building, famous food, characters (man and woman), country map, flag and travel bus etc.

Then I jotted down some ideas of thumbnails with the three cities’ maps as a background and arranged the other elements in the foreground.

E3-travel guide (4) E3-travel guide (5) E3-travel guide (6)

I am going to make the basic background that has each countries’ map with the cities’ locations on them. Next I think I am going to tint the main background with colours, mainly blue because there are beaches and sea around each city.


E3-travel guide (7)

I start off with the background then draw each part of the collage on them together.

IMG_5198 IMG_5199 IMG_5200


E3-travel guide (8) E3-travel guide (9) E3-travel guide (10)

11112223 111131111 111132222

E3-travel guide (8)-1 E3-travel guide (9)-1 E3-travel guide (10)-1

The original backgrounds were hand drawn and I decided that they were too dark when I put some more elements on them. So I have used  photoshop to adjust them to become  brighter.

E3-travel guide (17)-1  E3-travel guide (18) E3-travel guide (19)-1