Text and image (Exercise)


I have been commissioned to write these pairs of words in my own handwriting.

Big-Small  Fat-Thin  Fast-Slow  Fun-Boring  Calm-Mad

Write the words in both upper and lower case. Use the shape and size for the words to  be descriptive and express the meaning of the word.


T&I shape and size -3 (1) T&I shape and size-3 (2)

I made the words FUN with colourful polka dots to make it amsing and the word BORING look flat with the scribbles inside.

Now turning to my computer software, I made a list of the fonts from photoshop from which I liked to choose the fonts to suit the words.




I have chosen the fonts from photoshop




Next I have selected the words in the size in the typefaces.Then I am going to trace the typeface using theses colour for these words.

T&I tracing the typeface

I have made a moodboard to explore more ideas of the meaning of the words.

 T&I moodboard small T&I moodboard fat thin

T&I moodboard fast slow T&I moodboard fun boring T&I moodboard calm mad

I drew my typed words freehand using a pencil,  then rendered them using materials, media and colour appropriate to their meaning.

T&I uu pencil draw (1)

In my opinion the biggest thing should be the  universe. So I tried to make a 3D word as a picture of the universe showing the word BIG. I tried a few times and it was not easy to get the effects that I desired. I wasted a few sheets of paper then got to the painting that is above but the 3D effect still does not seem correct. For the word SMALL I have chosen some black sesame with glue to paste on the right corner of the word BIG.

T&I uu pencil draw (2)

I used pictures of fast foods to create the word FAT with a yellow background because I think fat most used to describe large people or animals. Then I use black thread to create the word THIN. I think they look like the meaning of the words. If I repeat it I will put the letter “t closer to the rest letters “hin”.

T&I uveitis

I can’t find any new way to create the word FAST yet so I only change them to  a red colour to make the letters more bold.  I tried to use a blur effect to give the impression of speed. Then I used a picture of a snail as the letter “oo” and gave the other letters a pattern to match the shell of the snail.

T&I vv fun boring

It is nearly the Easter holidays. Children are looking forward to playing the game Easter Eggs hunting. That will be a fun game. It has inspired me to chose Gigi font with different colours for word FUN. I can feel for the people when they are bored and losing patience after which they scribble the word as fast as they can when they are writing.

T&I ZZ calm mad

I have used green and red colours and cartoon characters faces to convey the words CALM and MAD. I think the words look like what they mean. (Maybe the drawing of the letter A which has a  mustache look a little angry.)

Overall I found this a very interesting exercise and also I think this is a very useful one. I choose the serif font more than sans serif one when I stated. But for my final work I changed to sans serif with cartoon characters. I think this exercise may aid  us in knowing which fonts work for a image. However I mixed the text and image in one thing and other to produce a real mixture.

A few days later, I added a plane and a rocket to give an impression of speed.

E4 Text and image (9)-1


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