Produce a series of illustrations for packaging to be used for a new range of organic biscuits for children. There are three varieties in the range Raisin, Choc Chip and Ginger biscuits.

The first thing that I did was to go to shops and research the market.

I had a reason to visit the shop Harvey Nichols. The foodhall does not have massive stocks in it, it is not like a big supermarket but more a classical one. I was interested in the tea and biscuits’ packaging and the most attractive packaging. I also went to Morrison’s and Asda to examine the food packaging. Unfortunately I couldn’t take any pictures. In my opinion the children items have packaging which has a childish and cartoony style. The biscuits are in general small items aimed to be healthy and nutritious, to aid a child’s growth.

I don’t know if other people are influenced by the same things as me?  When I am shopping I am always enchanted by the colourful boxes, I like to look at the attractive styles. I probably choose the stuffs which has the shapes and colours that I like.  Or purchased the things that I have bought before. As English is my second language I am more hesitant in what I buy.

For more research on the subject I opened my computer to find some packaging on websites.

Research-1 Research-3 Research-5 Research-8 Research-11 Research-13 Research-16 Research-16-5 Research-17Research-18Research-19Research-20Research-21 Research-22

I can only remember the Dinosaur and Dodo before I saw a list containing more extinct animals. Then I had to google the extinct animals from Wikipedia. At last I have chosen my 3 illustrations featuring extinct animals: Woolly mammoth, Dodo and Dinosaur.

I use spider diagrams to find the key point of packaging characters.

Spider diagram (1) Spider diagram (2) Spider diagram (3)


After the spider diagrams I think I find out the main featuring of all these 3 animals are they got special heads. The Allosaurus Dinosaur has 70 teeth, the Dodo has special shape beak and the Woolly mammoth has two 5 meters long curved tusks.

Some sketches for these 3 animals

Sketch (1) Sketch (2) Sketch (3) Sketch (4) Sketch (5)Sketch (6)Sketch (7) Sketch (8)

Then I work out the colour palette to match with the flavour.

packaging palette

My idea is to design a series of packaging that are rectangular shaped boxes which then have the animals’ face on them but the mouth and beak are open  showing the biscuits inside. As they are created in transparent plastic. Around their mouths and beak their babies are looking at the biscuits. Then I made the thumbnails pictures as below:

Packaging thumbnail

The first 2 boxes I was thinking to one side of the face on each side of the box . Then the babies ones are around the outside to look at the biscuits in the mouth and beak.  I felt that the transparent plastic areas were too small so I changed my idea on the 3rd dinosaur creation. The mouth is showing much biscuits around the box and the baby dinosaur can tell its mum is definitely an adult one. This is what I was trying to achieve to show a difference between the adult and baby animals. If I refer back to the Dodo and the Woolly Mammoth, how can I simplify the characters to be like the Dinosaur model?

For display of the boxes in the shop I think the eyes, nose or the teeth will be enough I think they will be fine as they are.

My final mock up one

Packaging-mock up (1) Packaging-mock up (2) Packaging-mock up (3) Packaging-mock up (4) Packaging-mock up (5) Packaging-mock up (6)

I made a box but with two different designs for the mouth area. One side with a triangular shaped mouth with curved nose and eye on the top. On the other side I tried two rows of parallel teeth with square nose and eye on the top of box. I didn’t have any ginger biscuits so I used Choc chip instead of Ginger to put into my model box.

For the drawing of baby dinosaur the top of the egg shell maybe not look too good. I should probably have let that bit fall down on the floor?

At last I decided to use the triangular mouth with two parallel sides that are the same.

I am happy with the design but I don’t have the experience to  make the box and some of the joints are not perfect.

For this series of packing I only finished the Dinosaur one but the Dodo and Woolly mammoth still need to be altered to match with the Dinosaur one. I will come back to those two designs.

I finally returned to my other 2 ideas to improve them. Maybe they need more work.

I have just got hold of some pastel colours which I gave a test on one of the designs. I tried to make a trunk that would extend for children to play with on the mammoth box. I think it needs a sticker to hold it in place before the box is opened.

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