Educational strip(Exercise)

I have been asked to produce an illustration strip for use in schools explaining to young teenagers how to cope with the onset of puberty. It up to five frames and the client would like to see a single illustration on the front cover. I should use metaphor and humour when conveying the message through but not to trivialise a serious message.

I started of reaching some physical changes from website. Then made a brainstorming to help me to create my leaflet.



Step 1  An average girl 9 years old, ballerina dress and starting learning ballet. Not expecting the changes to come.

Step 2 The puberty has started, everything is strange and this girl is feeling a bit shy. Changes have started.

Step 3 Breasts growing more, underarm hair growing more, pubic hair growing more and acne more on face.

Step 4 Everything still growing more and more. It’s all going mad.

Step 5 Everything’s ok! Puberty is a beautiful thing!

So my idea is going to draw a ballerina growing up with puberty.

I am going to practice my leaflet. First stage I have drawn an ballerina’s growing up with a black fineliner pen. Size 42cm*16.3cm

EducationStrip (3)

I have realised that the final pose of the ballerina would look better if she raised her head but I am still working on it.I am going to add the emoticons  to the background to show the changes of puberty. Then I am going to add the background and puberty things on the images.

Educational Strip (8)

EducationStrip (6)

Educational Strip (12)

The background form light pink going to dark pink. I used some green flower petals to mentions the main body’s change when girls are in puberty.

Next I am going to add the words by photoshop on this leaflet.

Educational Strip (13)

Overall I am happy with my thoughts but the character is without too much detail so it feels a little over complicated.  My original idea was with simple lines for the character but the ballerina came out with more and more detail. I used the green flowers as a collage onto the pink paper. Perhaps the theme of this leaflet is not immediately obvious. Maybe the audiences can’t see the theme straight away.

I don’t know why at the bottom of the leaflet the colours are not evenly distributed maybe because I rubbed on the soft pastel with my fingers.


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