Assignment 5 Seven days – Part 1

To start this assignment I will be trying to record what has been happening and recent things around me? I am going to use the seven days of my holiday starting with one days preparation and the six days of the holiday. For the random days I am thinking about how I tried to change my job few months ago. I can do how did I join the new job and things/ people around me.

Brief: Seven days

  1. The seven days of the week or random days that tell a story.
  2. Produce seven separate, one large diagrammatic or a continuous strip illustration.
  3. Objective or subjective.
  4. Decide on the media and methods I will use.
  5. The context – magazine, newspaper, book, brochure or poster.
  6. The intended audience.

Starting a new job gives me lots of pressure and jitters. But  it’s exciting to learn and see new things. I am trying to record what of my feeling from my starting. I have made a brainstorm board and spider diagram.

Assignment5 BrainstormingAssignment5 spider diagram

Then I have done some research which was reading about other people talking about their new jobs. Some are experiences are similar to mine and some are different..

Your First Days Working at a New Job: 20 Tips to Help You Make a Great Impression

After this I searched some illustrators’ works to inspire me how to imagine/convey the emotional effects.

Reference-1 Reference-2

I found a very interesting website of illustrations. I really like two of the images which are “Learn from failure” and “Stress and pressure in job interview”.

Thinking about my style. Starting from my first exercise (the cross of 2014) to my last exercise (the ballerina) I feel I need to change the style of my illustrations. I need to learn to draw in a more abstract style to convey my images and not just draw simply line drawings.

So in this assignment I am trying to change the way I am expressing the emotions.

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