Assignment 5 Seven days-Part 4

Now I am going to improve on my ideas.

I did more research about the illustrator John Holcroft. His style gave me lots of ideas.

Before I produce the seven images I need to decide the seven backgrounds which will emphasise the emotions of the 7 stages which are changing from curious to stress to nervous  to changes to confusion then pleasure.

The colours need to show nervous, busy, dangerous, changing from a peak to a flat surface to convey the emotions. The colours’ palette: A grid 7×4 to show the different colours.


1. Starting A New Job. I have done another thumbnail to show the ideas I wish to convey.

Joing in a new job-8

I have enlarged the lady’s head so that the words can be easily read on the cross-section of the brain.  I was thinking about how to show these thoughtful elements which is better the  figures or words? Then I have chosen the words.

Join in a new job-9   Join in a new job-9-1

Then I changed the background to decide which would be the best for this image.

Join in a new job-10-1 Join in a new job-10-2 Join in a new job-10-3 Join in a new job-10-4

I am afraid the main problem is that the green words are not clear to read as I intended them to be. Also I could convey the face better but I lost sight of the elements with a simple face to draw attention to the words at the top.

Another try with a different background

Join in a new job-10-5


With this I feel the words are a little bit better to read clearly.

2. Learning The Ropes.

I have done some more thumbnails again to help to find best idea.

Join in a new job-11

Then I have drawn a labyrinth to show when you start a new job and the big lady boss who may be smiling  but still give the new employee lots of stress to start.

Join in a new job-12

Then I added four colours to the background.

Joing in a new job-13-1 Joing in a new job-13-2 Joing in a new job-13-3 Joing in a new job-13-4

I chose the second one and changed it a little bit to match the last one and show more stress on the picture with the amber colour.

Joing in a new job-13-5

3. Getting To Know.

Some more thumbnails

Join in new job-14

I have drawn a character’s face who watch, think then react to do the job.

Joing in a new job-13-7

Then I added the background on it.

Joing in a new job-14 (3) Joing in a new job-14 (4) Joing in a new job-14 (5) Joing in a new job-14 (6)

I like the second background colour which has a colour makes the foreground clearer.

Joing in a new job-14 (7)

4. Work Harder And Smarter.

I think I have drawn a sketch before which showed a nice idea for the image of work harder and smarter.

Join in a new job-3

Then I have improved it to use my stage 4. In the first picture I thought to use a simple face which only has a nose on for the character but then I added eyes and a mouth because it is better to match with first stage.

Joing in a new job-15 (1) Joing in a new job-15 (2)

I am going to try 4 colours for the background

Join in a new job-16-1 Join in a new job-16-2 Join in a new job-16-3 Join in a new job-16-4

I am going to use the light red one

Joing in a new job-16 (5)




Assignment 5 Seven days-Part 3

Now I am focusing on the seven days after starting a new job.

First Ideas.

Stage 1 Preparing to commence a new job. In this stage I need to produce a character and use it in these 7 stages. In my mind I need to consider that there are lots things that could happen and people who I have never met before. The characters and styles that I will be thinking about need to show the emotions that I am using. I will use a cross-section of the brain to help to convey this.

Join in a new job-1

Stage 2 What will it be truly like in the new job? There are a lots of questions and worries in my mind before starting a new job. I have to fit in with the working habits of a new boss and also learn to work with a whole new group of people. I am depicting this situation as a labyrinth to be negotiated.

Join in a new job-2

But is the labyrinth making the image too complex? Does it contradict my original ideas and could I make it more simple.

Stage 3 You could be very busy at the new job and have to engage with a whole new sphere of knowledge. Meanwhile you need to build up relationships with a whole new group of people. I will use my image of a cross-section of the brain and two hands to show all these things taking place at once.

Join in a new job-3

Stage 4 There are a couple of levels to reach success. You need to move step by step, work harder and smarter. Find the experienced member of staff who can show you the right way to start then follow this way to prove yourself, pitch in, organisation, performance and be yourself towards the future.

Join in a new job-4

Stage 5 Team work would be a great help going forward. Disagreement and controversy would get in the way of teamwork. I will need to bring a balance to the things I do to make sure don’t rock the boat.

Join in a new job-5

Stage 6 It is time for you to show you have learnt and achieved.

Join in a new job-6

Stage 7 Every company has their own scale.

Join in a new job-7

These just my first ideas I will try to improve them using more emotions.