Assignment 5 Seven days-Part 5

5. Team Work/Cooperation

I have done some thumbnails

Joing in a new job-17(1)

Idea 1 I am thinking about using some Lego pieces to build a team shape.

Idea 2 I have the image of the crew of a boat.

Idea 3 I am thinking about showing a lock and a key. The team is working to unlock the lock. Do I need to show the lock and the key both on the picture? Maybe one of them is enough?

Idea 4 I want to use the resultant schematic to show that a team can push results in an upward direction.

I will use my idea 3, but I will put the lock in one place and show a team of people assembling the key to the lock from parts of a jigsaw. Each member of the team has a job to do… apart from one who does not want to be part of the team.

Then my image came out


Joing in a new job-17(2)

I have tried various background colours for this image. i am not sure if these colours match with my earlier image of the women boss.

Joing in a new job-18(2) Joing in a new job-18(3) Joing in a new job-18(4) Joing in a new job-18(5)

Joing in a new job-18(6) Joing in a new job-18(7) Joing in a new job-18(8) Joing in a new job-18(9)

I liked the 1st colour background

Joing in a new job-18(10)

6. Bottleneck Situation

After lot of training you reach a stage close to where you want to be with just the final barrier. This stage just like a bottleneck which is a situation that you need to struggle to get free from.

I found out another website which has amazing illustrations for work process.

Some thumbnails

Join in a new job-19(1)

I have drawn the lines of the image.

Joing in a new job-19(2)

For this image I want to use photoshop to fill the colours in.

Joing in a new job-20(1) Joing in a new job-20(2) Joing in a new job-20(3) Joing in a new job-20(4)

I am going to use last background’s colour

Joing in a new job-20(4)

7. Success at Last


Joing in a new job-21(1) Joing in a new job-21(2)

I worked out how I would like the final image to be and then tidied it up with photoshop

Joing in a new job-22(1) Joing in a new job-22(2)

Added the background now.

Join in a new job-23(1) Join in a new job-23(2) Join in a new job-23(3) Join in a new job-23(4)

I have chosen the last image to illustrate stage 7.Join in a new job-23(8)