Assignment 5 Seven days-Final

I have put the seven days in a list as below. After a reflecting for a few days I am looking back and being critical of my work .

1. Starting a New Job.

Join in a new job-10-5


2. Learning the Ropes.

Joing in a new job-13-4

3. Getting to Know.

Joing in a new job-14 (7)

4. Work Harder and Smarter.

Joing in a new job-16 (5)

5. Team Work/Cooperation

Joing in a new job-18(10)

6. Bottleneck Situation

Joing in a new job-20(4)

7. Success at Last

Join in a new job-23(8)


Over all

I want to use these graphic images to convey my seven  stages of learning about a new job. I attempted to improved  to make it more eye catching and understandable to my audience.

I like most of my ideas and my thoughts, but  I feel my main problem is my drawing skill is not sophisticated enough and my drawing is a little rough. I do need some refining work. Especially I need to practical with Adobe Illustrator software.

I did use distortion for this work but it didn’t work out like the my last bit of exercise which used visual distortion in assignment 4. I like the first image with the huge head on the body, but is there a better way to convey the idea of a body which is filled with stress?

Does stage 3 match with the other pictures? I tried to draw the picture simply and put the attention on her inward thoughts. But this picture with clear eyes and nose. Shall I put some more ideas that are getting into her eyes?

In stage 4 the graph is showing things improving. It is a little bit strange in the middle of the open head. I am not sure how to refine it. Should I put some papers on the table that the figure is working on?

In stage 5 I have used images of people holding parts of a key that will add up to a whole. I am not sure that I have made it clear that one person is not part of the group. Also I am not sure if I could draw the figures in a different way to make the picture clearer.

In stage 6 I am happy with the outcome of the picture but feel I could have done the inner image more successfully. I need a quick way to learn to use illustrator to help me instead of using photoshop.

The last stage is quite a simple image of success. It is a simple narrative but it shows my happiness to get to the end of this assignment. I could have used something with a deeper meaning?

I was struggled with this assignment for several months, perhaps I was in a rut but at last it is finished. I was unsure with the early stages of this assignment.

I started off well with a lot of enthusiasm but I struggled to keep this going at the end. I needed to cheer myself up to keep going into the future.