Warm up-temporary drawings(Exercise)

This weekend for work we traveled to Southwold Suffolk. So I made some quick attempts at drawing in the sand on the Southwold beach.

First attempt I have picked up some kelp and a woody stick. Using the kelp as the crown of the tree, the stick as the tree trunk and then other bits as the weeds around the fence.  I have created a farmhouse. I had just finished it when it was washed away by a wave. I quite like the tree with which was just a random outcome.


Second attempt. I moved a bit further away from the sea. Made another farmhouse and some green fields around it.  I didn’t get enough light green pieces to cover the field. Just the stone road is finished. Another wave destroyed it again.

After the waves washed everything away it could be another drawing board. I expected the wave to bring an occasional seaweed or stone to a naturally scene that I can then fill in some parts to establish a fabulous image. Unfortunately I could not stay on this beach for a long time. So I have a plan to create some beautiful ones next time.

In the hotel I have squeezed and dripped the blue hand washing liquid and pink shampoo into the sink which was filled with water. Then my husband helped me to film my work.

I could not upload the videos on wordpress straight away so I put it on twitter and link it here and I also capture it.

The shampoo, conditioners and hand wash liquid are melting/dissolving into the water and moving and turning. While they are doing this some foam splashes out as well. They are showing a wonderful image.


Another attempt is this video in which I drip the shampoo conditioner and hand washing liquid on a piece of tissue.

Then capture it


I was thinking that some other colour fabric or some special background will improve the effect.

I was very happy with them even if they are only temporary drawings. It was only created for a few seconds and disappeared suddenly or soaked into the water or tissues surface. They gave me lots of inspiration and ideas.