STEAM ahead-Provisional drawing practices(Study visit)

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On Sat, 1st Oct, Yvonne the Curator of the South Square Centre  took us to visit around the exhibition.  After this we got a session of drawing lessons by OCA tutor Cheryl Huntbach.

Faced with drawing a big group of still life?  Where are we going to start? What are we going to prepare? What are we going to do? How long does each exercise take? Etc. She also gave everyone very pertinent advice and further ideas.

I did enjoy this visit and I learnt a lot from Cheryl and my other course mates. As we are doing same course and we all do distance learning, this opportunity gave me clear ideas to start drawing and to learn from other classmates.


This is a fantastic start for me to learning the drawing course. I wish to join in more school visits like this.

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