Experimenting with texture(Exercise)

For this exercise, I need to collect a range of objects with different surface textures. I walked around my house ( I also went to the park near to my house) to find objects which have interesting surfaces, skin and textures.

On my A4 sketchbook I divided a paper into 2 parts. I have depicted 2 feathers and 1 shell’s texture.


I have used a black ballpoint pen to gently draw a pigeon’s feathers. I am happy with the outcome effect which is delicate. But on the right side feather there is a dirty point with darker splodge.

For the shell, It has regular growth patterns. I was at a loss as to how to draw the streaking of the shell which has so many column bars with another two white grain around them. At last it came out and looks like it is very dry and the shape is not as perfect as I would have liked. I may add another 2 bars on the top right then push them into the space so this shell shape will be better.

On my small sketchbook I tried a green leaf’s pattern.

433359859351791262   2016-10-6


For this leaf vein I should practice drawing lines more smoothly. I have lost its leaf stalk for which I used the curved lines to depict it.

For my experiment with frottage I have chosen normal thin print paper which I think are easier to copy patterns onto than thick drawing/sketch pages.


pandapaws038 pandapaws039 pandapaws049

No.1 on the top from left – frottage on a container box which is polyester handmade article

No. 2 on the top from left – frottage on a bamboo contain

No. 3 on the top from left – frottage on 2 pigeon’s leather

No. 4 on the top from left – frottage on a green leaf

No. 5 on the top from left – frottage on a shell

No. 6 on the top from left – frottage on a 50P coin on which is Peter Rabbit

No. 1 on the bottom from left – frottage on the pottery which is a flower pot

No. 2 on the bottom from left – frottage on a tree bark

No. 3 on the bottom from left – frottage on a plastic container basket

No. 4 on the bottom from left – frottage on a plastic laundry basket

No. 5 on the bottom from left – frottage on the bathroom tile

No. 6 on the bottom from left – frottage on the bathroom mat

For rubbing the paper on the objects I have to complete it in one go so that there is coherence in thought and unity in style but I couldn’t keep the feathers stable also the shell’s convex curves.

They mostly look good and they helped me to understand the tone and effects of their textures.

The rest all have regular or independent pattern. I think if I will do again I will pay more attention and will try to make the pencils tone more regular.

Now I am going to attempt the frottage, drawing and dropping colour onto image.

I found some plants in the garden then I have taken 2 pictures.

91854793589778377 660943195558771030

I have tried the first plant rubbed on it but unfortunately the berries’s juice soaked the paper and broke when I put the pencil onto the paper. So it is a fail on this plant.

Then I put the paper on the second plant so I got the frottage also I depicted the border of the plant and at last it is as below.


I brushed this image with green watercolour base as background. Then I started drop some black ink mixed with water. I wanted to experiment this plant as if it is raining and show the effects of the water drops.

To view the whole picture it doesn’t like this plant in the rain but I have no idea how to fix it. Then I enlarge my camera’s zoom and taken more detailed photos. I don’t know how to draw things in the rain but I like the transparent stilliforms so I have a task to learn in the future.

20161008_154544 20161008_154755 20161008_154849 20161008_155018 20161008_155530



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