Creating shadow using lines and marks(Exercise)

In this exercise I choose simple single objects to start with. Then I worked in my sketchbook. For my drawing tools, I have got 6B pencil, ballpoint pen, drawing pen and winsor&newton ink.


I used these 4 kinds of tools to quickly do some geometric drawing. I use the following patterns spots, long lines, hatching and criss-cross.

Then I made some more attempts.


I really should shade some more dark colour on the blue bottle jar where the background is on the right side but as this is just an exercise for practise I left it as it is.

Then I had to arrange 3 objects and make a very quick and loose drawing.I have chosen the easiest objects in my house.


I used the longer lines to draw the objects with drawing pen and conte stick.



Then I tried to use”X” symbols to draw the objects and “+” for the shadows.


I think “X” and “+” are quiet similar symbols and they match well with each other .This is my first attempt at drawing like this so there are lots of  potential that I need practices more on this. I will leave this in the further.


I have found some Vincent Van Gogh’s drawing from website. I like his mark making with long lines, curves and stipplings. Even the shadwos and background are vivid.



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