Research point – Odilon Redon

In this section I am going to find out the art work of Odilon Redon. He is a French symbolist, printmaker,  draughtsman and pastelist. I looked his articles which are on Wiki and some at his online museum. As this is in my drawing course, so my primary coverage is going to learning his drawing skills like how to use charcoal and pastels etc.

One of his drawing which is similar to the one on our martial.


I do like the strong sense of light in the drawing and I think light is the life of drawing/painting. From the highlight to the darkest shadow are strongly contrasted. This is a monochrome drawing but from the highlight left top to the shadow/dark area down right are all well-bedded even the tree hole has been drawn vividly but you can still see the other shadow around it. I do appreciate the artist’s skill when controlling the light feeling in the entire of image.

I have read some his article: Until his 50s, he worked almost entirely in black and white, in charcoal drawings and lithographs. As this is one of his art work when he is about 56. And I think this work were made in black charcoal .

It has been said that he chose charcoal and lithographic chalk as an alternative to what he perceived was the dull daylight colour of the real world. This work is actually following the true light and real objects.

Graphic shadow was his defence against Impressionism, which he rejected. I especially appreciate his dealing with the shadows which they accentuate.

He abandoned the black and white of his graphic work and turned instead to oils and pastels when he is 60s. He began expressing himself in radiant colours, in visionary subjects, flower paintings and mythological scenes.



These pictures are in colour not black and white but i still find the use of shadow interesting. I like the way it shows the shape if the horses pulling the chariot and the lines around the women’s dress. I will look at some more of his work as I study more.

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