Still life in tone using colour(Exercise)

Set up another still life group which is different from the last one.


Before I start I try to build up the skeleton drawing of the objects but I realized that the angle of the Daniel’s is not right and I need to turn it around a bit. So it took me time to correct the basic line drawing.


I need to identify the darkest area but I start from the teminator by colourful pencils then go to the darker half-tone. I used the inherent colours of the objects. Then I use blue for the shadows.


Now I am going to draw the lighter half-tones and meanwhile I need to darken the darker half-tone as well. The rough drawing outcome as below.


Some questions came out:

  1. Before I give the light and shade, I took out all the coloured pencils and put them in order from light to dark. I am arranging  their colours to fill out the grade. The warm colours are going to the lighter half-tone. The cold colours are going to the darker half-tone.

img_5556                       2. I array and tint these colours in the section/blocks of the shade but try not to                               blend them but I have drawn some bits are really mixed together.

3. In fact, the easiest way for realistic drawing is accurate structures for the                                        objects so you can just copy the highlights, light and dark tones and shadows                               from real objects.

For drawing glasses I am not confident of its texture. So before I am moving on the next step I am going to practice monochrome drawing by watercolour for a glass.


The wine in the glass on the left side I shouldn’t treat same colour as the right side(gradual change). Another main problem the wine doesn’t feel transparent and liquid. I just need more practice to improve my drawing skills.

I am going to do another attempt now. I am going to use conte sticks on A3 170gsm white paper.


As the glass is the centre of this still picture.

  1. This is a rough drawing and I didn’t use much time for the details.
  2. Compare the A4 and A3 two drawing I have improved the structure of the objects and shadows.
  3. I have improved the texture of the glass from when I drew the A3.
  4. As the black bottle and daniel’s are glass as well I ignore their texture because this exercise is experimenting the tone using colour.
  5. I really need to give some more details for the first small glass.
  6. The left bottle should be black but they way I have drawn it shows it to be a little green as well. Also its neck is not right gesture.

I am going to correct a little bit on the final drawing.





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