Review the previous two exercises

  • What aspects of each drawing were successful, and what did you have problems with?
  1. For my exercise on still life in tones using colour I practiced the glass’s texture and I used watercolours and fine lines, pen etc. Mixed media for my exercise of still life using line. They are my first two attempts for special texture drawing I am happy with the outcome.
  2. The bottles didn’t get the right pattern before I gave the colour in the tones. So this point is one I am going to think about going forward.
  • Did you manage to get a sense of depth in your drawing? What elements of the drawings and still life groupings helped to create that sense?
  1. I was a feeling that it was a little bit wrong before I tint the colours of the bottles and glasses, but the briefing is for tone in colours. I asked myself about tones of colour, is it a drawing way or a painting way? What is the difference between drawing and painting? For the line drawing, did I depict correct lines and did I actual get any benefit from it? For a sense of depth, are these still life convey their correct shapes? I am trying the best ways for what I think to go forward.
  2. The elements have combined with transparent natural textures and special shapes etc. Also the way they are put together look pleasant to me so it makes me want to draw them.
  • What difficulties were created by being restricted to line or tone?
  1. I think that for a basic drawing it is the main thing for skeleton/instruction of the objects.
  2. Being able to correctly recognize light direction and shadow area are important. Then being able to identify their chiaroscuro is important to the outcome but sometime it is a bit difficult.
  • How did using colour affect your working method?
  1. Monochrome I think I only need to control its light and dark shades to fill/chiaroscuro on the objects then to build up into three dimensions.
  2. Tone using colours which is much more complex. For me I like to use/mix light colour in the lighter half-tone and cold colour in the darker half-tone area. For each specific picture it needs to be looked at differently.

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