Quick sketches around the house(Exercise)

Take my sketchbook or larger sheets of paper fastened to a drawing board together with a selection of drawing media. Aim to work my way around most of the rooms in my house over several sessions and maybe also areas outside the house such as the garden shed.

I have to leave the outside of house until Spring or Summer as it was snowing yesterday here. So I will make sketches from my living room now.

Easy to grab my carry on sketchbook A5 with black ball pen:


My porch and my shoe cabinet. The whole image is not in the right perspective.  The top arch is not correct.

A3 drawing board, Ink, water and brush for bathroom.


The middle of the tile’s perspective is not correct.

Then I am back to living room and with a wider view. A3 paper with soft pastel.

img_5631  img_5632

The main problem is the vacuum looks like a multi-level cake.

I turned around and to draw another side on A3 paper by conte stick.



At last I am going to my kitchen. A3 paper with oil pastel.


The left edge should be a bit higher up in the elevation.

I have found out that the perspective for corners is the most difficult to draw but they also attract and stimulate my imagination. I have focus on those points to practice.

When I looked back I think I like the third attempt which is the living room to the porch because its perspective is better than others(but it is not the best). I enjoyed every sketch while I was doing them. The living room with stairs and its the way to upstairs I would like to practice more in the future. I am looking forward to drawing and getting greater detail for the following exercises.



8 thoughts on “Quick sketches around the house(Exercise)

  1. I love these very expressive and quirky drawings and that you’ve used different media for each of them. i like that the perspective is off and you’ve recognised that, but I think its makes them charming. Very interesting.


  2. suemaryoakley says:

    Really liked the journey round your house – animated and real – great suggestions of colour and your existence within walls. Great stuff!


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