Composition-an interior(Exercise)

Look carefully at the angles and areas of my chosen view and note where objects are placed. Keep shifting my viewpoint until I find one that pleases me. Look for strong tonal contrasts, textures, linear qualities and strong positive and negative shapes.

In each sketch shift my viewpoint or eye level. By shifting the viewpoint up or down, or moving in and out.

I have chosen one side of my living room where I will stand in the porch then face the wall and one way is going upstairs, then another way to my kitchen.

First sketch is sitting on the floor , looking up to the wall, quick linear drawing by ink with brush on A3 white sketchbook.


This sofa’s two arms are completely difference. The perspective does need to improve.

Second sketch is from standing on the windowsill then looking down. I had trouble with this as there is not a lot of room for my body to fit. For this one I have to take some photos. Charcoal on A3 white sketchbook.



Third sketch is another attempt looking down and using conte stick on A3 sketchbook


The last one I feel comfortable with was done by standing on the floor to sketch the normal view and took me a few hours. A3 white paper of sketchbook by dip pen and ink.


I am happy with most of the bits but the stairs are really need bit of a tidy and the sizes are much bigger then they should be.

The dip pen drove me a bit crazy to start but finally I controlled it and it is getting better the more I use it.

The dip pen technique for me is still really difficult and I do need to learn a lot. Next job is watching You tube to learning the skill from some artists.


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