Research point-Domestic interiors and their works

For this lesson I am going to learn about some contemporary artists who focus on domestic interiors and analyse their choice of content, medium, format,etc. Consider how their work reflects its context in terms of era, fashion, mood, current issues, and so on.

Kenneth Howard OBE RA was born 26 December 1932. Howard is an English artist and painter. He was President of the New English Art Club from 1998 to 2003.

kenneth-howward kenneth-howard-1

Howard’s works in a traditional manner. His strong observation and a high degree of draughtsmanship combined with tonal precision. Meticulously painting the perspective for interior in the first picture and rigorously outside of window in second picture. He uses Light highlights as a strong and recurrent element of his work.

These two images are from recent years. They  clearly  show the audiences, especially like the art students how to depict light, perspective and still life layout etc.

Patrick Heron (30 January 1920 – 20 March 1999) was a British abstract and figurative artist. One of his work Bogey’s Bar (Woburn Place) in February, 1937.


He chosen space hierarchy through the bar and its window. The whole interior seems covered with grey colour with a little bit of pale pink then the light source and high light on the background which is outside of this scene.

This image looks very dignified and imposing. It shows clear  perspective in this room, also the building outside looks very strong. I can see the work and the fashion are traditional style and it is in 1930’s.

Cressida Campbell (born 1960) is an Australian artist.

‘Interior with red ginger’ 1998


‘Interior, Margaret Olley’s house’ 1992


Campbell’s work is a combination of painting and printing and every one is a unique woodblock. I have found a blog which is her talking about her experience:

Before I start a picture I have either seen the subject or thought about the subject for quite a while. I then will begin the work on a piece of plywood (any thickness works for me!) and draw a line drawing in pencil of the subject from life. I then carve the fine line using an engraving power tool from Kyoto. After rubbing out the pencil and lightly sanding the block I paint the block using water colour paint thickly.

When finished, I then spray the block with water and place a dampened piece of Stonehenge paper on the block. Pressure is applied to the back of the paper by hand using a small rubber ink roller. When enough paint comes off onto the paper the print is lifted off.

A small work may take two weeks to complete from the drawing to the end result, a large work may take four months. I usually work on one picture at a time but I will often put a drawing away for months before carving and painting it.

Campbell is a contemporary artists. I do like her depiction of the grace and style  in the painting, especially her beautiful home. We can with her words above that she is really carefully to treat every piece of image. Her process  with the work first from carving  then as a hand painted water colour print. Her precision and striving  for the best is admirable.

I wish to view one of her work in progress to learn some skills.

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