Material Differences(Exercise)

For the drawing course I am doing up to now I have drawn a few still life and interior drawing. Also I have tried using a few different medias like pencil, charcoal, conte, pastel and ink etc. I did quickly look at the assignment number two and I have a preconception that this exercise will be a bridge to the final assignment.

So for the multi materials attempt of this exercise I am going to add a collage to my multi media experiment of my drawing skills.

I have chosen a corner of my sketch which a bit of the interior and also a still life.  For this image I am using the following photo.


Step 1: Practice on an A4 sketchbook


Thought in this rough sketch I am going to observe the elements’s position, size and space in this interior corner. There are some problems I need to improve in the next drawing:

  1. The biggest element is the kettle but the coffee jar is nearly same size as it. It is behind the kettle and as with the perspective it should be smaller than it is now.
  2. The toaster should be bigger and it should in the right place.
  3. The tea mug is smaller than it is.
  4. To improve the perspective.

Research for

Step 2: Stick an A2 white cartridge paper on drawing board. Then I will start the collage piece on this basic paper. Keep in my mind the spaces in this interior work and the ways for collage areas:

  1. Thought the colourful papers on this cartridge in random? (This idea works for abstract work)
  2. Divide and separate into difference regions(This idea works for create craft work, it maybe lost the artistic creation):
  • Divide into 3 pieces in horizontal bands: back wall(tile), counter/plat level(still life), and vertical cupboard
  •  Divide into 3 pieces of vertical bands: left side, middle with the main elements and right side after the corner/diagonal of the counter.
  • Divide into 9 pieces composite using  both of the above.

It is still a crude idea in my mind I will use the above points both to make a draft now.

Put the newspapers piece on the cartridge paper.


Roughly sweep some watercolour on the base which I just made.


Quickly arrange the elements into the image.


I have used the charcoal for the coffee jar and chocolate bottle, the conte stick for kettle and Yorkshire tea box, oil pastel for the toast machine and tea mug set and the black ink/white ink for the rest.

Next step I am going to tidy up and add some details for these elements. The soft pastels may  be used.


Overall I was feeling this is very interesting process to work with but I couldn’t really control the detail. like:

  1. The Yorkshire tea box the perspective on the top is not correct.
  2. The tea mug’s handle and the left bottom need to be improve.
  3. I just release there is a seam across the top of the coffee jar on the top. I don’t know how to deal with it.
  4. The toaster should be more deeper.
  5. Through the whole process I don’t want to draw the divided the tiles. I don’t know why that it is probably the collage pieces are disorganized there. Or I could try?


The tiles haven’t any perspective feeling, it maybe that i was hurrying to put them on.

This time I have used the watercolour as the base I can also try gouache, acrylic and gesso later. There are many ways to discover and advance a collage in drawing.


5 thoughts on “Material Differences(Exercise)

  1. suemaryoakley says:

    I think this was a really worthwhile.. effort.. and it opens the doors to lots more experiments, which make the exercises more palatable… Love what you’re doing

    Liked by 1 person

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