Assignment two-Part one

I had a preliminary idea of a long postbox style composition for this assignment. As part two is based on still life in the interior  my idea is to set up a still life on the counter in my kitchen so I can practice both these projects.
Before I start to do my plan I emailed the course support Joanne Mulvihill-Allen for more information/idea. Then I got back the reply:
There are a couple of videos of students work who have used concertina sketchbooks to make long postbox style compositions, they are landscape based but the same principles will apply.
A roll of lining paper would work well as a surface, you can cut it as long as you need or use a standard size paper, A1 or A0 perhaps and mask off the desired narrow long composition using a low tack masking tape.  Make your drawing as normal and remove the tape when you have done, I think you will need to ensure you have covered the entire surface of the paper for it to have an effect.
There is a video on photographing art work here which talks about lighting.
The first composition impression my desire is “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”

The entire piece is in a rolled map format. Deploying the method of scatter perspective mapping.

Then I tried different objects in different viewpoints to set up my still life in the beginning.





For the more further material task, I also think of several way to do it..

  1. Simple media(dip pen+ink), fine line/delicate of mark making on white cartridge paper(panoramic long landscape)
  2. A couple of mixed medias painting upon a collage of coloured papers, which is following the last exercise.

I think I am going to experiment for the first attempt for this assignment also I haven’t done this way much before.

This is very useful video which is about dip pen and nibs for drawing techniques.

Bear in my mind the task is every SINGLE LINE should be useful.

I have used more than a half month with the sketchbook for practicing the hatching skill, just for preparing this assignment.  I am not bothered about the mess and mistakes doodling in the sketchbook. Which lets me know how the mistakes can be avoided for the next time.

There are 4 points for my hatching and crosshatching drawing tips

  1. Don’t rush to drawing. Don’t use about 10 minutes to rush to finish a section before you rush out off the door.
  2. Take time. Even my deadline is very close, if I haven’t practice the lines well don’t put the nips down to the papers.
  3. Consistant line. Keep the lines tidy and clean.
  4. Take breaks.

A quick sketch which is about a long landscape still life on the corner in the kitchen. I have to use two lines then the second is as the extension of the right corner bit.


I divided a A1 cartage white paper into two parts then stick on my A1 drawing board. (I really wish I have a A0 board but unfortunately this is my biggest one.)

Step 1: To plan the elements of the still life in this long paper by pencil.


I just realised the left corner of the second paper has too many on it, so I have to cancel the cross section of the onion. Then the final elements will be 18 and as below.


As this is a very complex still life and special layout so I have to take them down from the drawing board to connect them to see the entirety.


Well when I was taken this photo I missed out the last mushroom and the corner.

I realised the right section is higher up than the left, so then I have to correct them. I am going to keep this view and perspective then to add some elements to get right balance. The onion is on the right hand corner then I now have 21 elements.

Step 2: To draw the outline of these elements by mark pen, dip pen with ink and felt tip pen.


I did the outline drawing for each element finishing with the pineapple. The i finished the detail of the pineapple straight after using a felt tip pen on the darker half tone. Then I used an eraser to remove the pencil marks, which smudged a little. This was OK in the dark areas but moved my original lines a little. My first plan was a sort of scatchboard illustration effect but this was not working.

This has actually cost me lots of time for this layout. I have planned for a few days  the lines and tone. How long are they? Which direction(follow the elements’ shape)? As this time the sketching practice is actually helping to capture the elements’ shapes and scramble line even though they are messy and rough.

When the course mates were talking about the techniques for drawing and does the learning students really need the basic techniques? I was really rushing to finish my assignment as I haven’t any time to read very carefully and write any comments because the of the deadline. I really appreciate they are focusing on the points that about the artists future. As my this assignment my work will be real instead of by robot in 50 years?

Should I continue with black and white or change my picture to include colour?


8 thoughts on “Assignment two-Part one

  1. Hi aileen, I really enjoyed reading about how you were approaching this assignment and the struggles you are encountering. I am impressed by the format and decisions you are making and very much looking forward to the finished drawing. I am struggling with similar decisions for the line drawing and the tonal drawing for assignment 4. I normally use colour but have decided to stick to monotone for them both because I think about how colours relate to one another too much and it detracts from thinking about line/mark making and tonal variation (I’m too much of a beginner to think about all these things at the same time)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Susan, thanks so much for you sharing your experiences with me and giving me the decisions of your assignment. I do appreciate your kind words and your gentle advice are really a help for me.


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