Assignment two-Part two-Final piece

I started from the apple but unfortunately the teminator/dividing line in the shade on the top of the apple wasn’t correct so I had to used  white ink to correct it.  Another bad thing which I have done is one time when I used both the black and white ink and crossed the lids over on the two bottles then the white ink got a little bit black in. At the moment I have got a pack of Winsor&Newton ink.  I need to prepare another bottle of white ink or some other stuff  for highlighting or whitening. I would like to try some else brands soon.


I discovered a little bit over drawing it is darker than I want because I want the elements to go from light to dark going towards the right side.

The next element is pomegranate and the same problem down the right hand side corner which has been corrected by white ink.

Half way on the pomelo. The pear has been drawn by cross hatching so I have to do the  same way as the elements before. I also think the cross hatching is stronger effect for 3D than the hatching line.


Half way of pumpkin drawing. Then going to use cross hatching. The pear(big stippling) and the pomelo (small stippling) I have drawn the fixture on skin but I am not confident to draw the pumpkin’s flecks so I only draw its three dimensional effect.


The finished elements of this long postbox style composition. I have taken the photo then put them together with photoshop.



For the background I started from right hand corner by #1 nib of the dip pen which is most thickest/widest lines then going to work torwards the left hand side and the thinnest lines.

The stroke is so strong and wide(I should take a test for this nib before I use it) and I am a bit feeling I have damaged this composition.

When I was drawing every vertical and horizontal  line for building up a three dimensional interior effect I absolutely thourght that this is a job for a robot. I can’t control every line very well this is man made job then some lines wills damage the perspective effects. One of the worst bits is right hand corner on the top counter where I did some lines by mistake that I have to cover the white ink and re-do it.


The next step is connecting the pieces of papers to finish the pineapple’s shadow. Again I overdrawn the pineapple’s background then I used the white ink to cover it.

I used 2.5 hours using scanner(max size A4) from my house to scan and link them in one.

I still could not get rid of the shadow on each piece which I can only scan the area(A4 size) on where the pieces connect.


I couldn’t hold the camera straight and all the way cross this composition.


Through the whole process I should really follow Joanne’s advice which is using half of the A1 paper with masking tape so I can avoid lots of problems.

This finishing size is 168.2 cm * 29.7 cm (66.22 inches * 11.70 inches). When I was using the 0.5 and 0.3 fine line pen then it is very hard to find a single stippling because it is a such a big piece.

This one absolutely taken me a while to complete, about three weekends after preparing and just practicing lines. Well I wanted myself to have the accurate lines to capture the character/element gesture in the future.

For main things, I am doing drawing course not the illustration one at the moment. Is this has partially aesthetic value for which drawing goes torwards fine art?


4 thoughts on “Assignment two-Part two-Final piece

  1. Hello! I really enjoyed looking at this drawing. To me it is absolutely musical, like notes on the page, and I think that works very well. I particularly like the pineapple which has character, and feels like the base note, right before the tomatoes pick it up again. Really lovely, I think your patience has paid off.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words which link my work with musical notes, makes me feel excited. I am glad you liked the picture which I did use a lot of time for. I have eaten a lots of ready meals in the month while I am doing this assignment.


  2. suemaryoakley says:

    I like the straight lines and cross hatching below the shelf too – they make a viewer feel the roundness and weight of each fruit. I agree about the image suggesting music.

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  3. Thanks Sue. I got feedback from my tutor that she is happy with the outcome, just the pineapple looks a bit flat. She would like to see if I am going to use pencil if I re do it but I really can’t because my assignment 3’s deadline is the end of April which I don’t want to delay because of work again..

    I am very happy you like my work and agree with Kim that use music to describe it. At least the black element on the white paper does look like the score sheet. Thanks for you two friends.

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