Sketching individual trees(Project 1 Trees)

At this time of year at the end of February the deciduous trees are very easy to find without their leaves, and this is basic point/step for me to start learning drawing trees.

I have found a natural tree in Chapeltown park in Sheffield. I am talking about it is a natural one which I mean it is has the appearance of good balance for practice as I am starting.

Preliminary drawings. Divide a page of my A4 sketchbook into four portrait boxes then to draw by 6B pencil. Building up on the basis of previous sketches.

  • Draw a simple outline of the tree’s overall shape. Well I can clearly  see the trunk and the outline with lots of branches around it. So I need to treat it as a whole one to observe its shape likes.
  • Draw basic shapes in outline, or shaded areas that describe how the foliage forms in different masses around the tree. I have drawn the main trunk’s shape then the main skeleton then the shape of the branches.
  • Draw the outlines of the trunk and the main branches of the tree that you can see. As it is still bare winter going to spring now so the new branches are growing out but I can still see the old roughly outline at the moment.
  • Draw with lots of scribbled outlines or shade roughly to try and indicate something of the texture of the foliage. I try fill out the branches as this tree’s foliage.


These four steps studies are really helpful for the observation of this tree’s shape and skeleton/instruction etc so I wouldn’t be put off by the complex branches.

Another practice:


This tree is has no leaves as it is Winter. I have drawn it by charcoal. I can see the tree has the main trunk then divides to two parts then growing up into dense branches. I can think I could draw the branches more in order and not just scribbling them roughly.







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