Larger observational study of an individual tree(Project 1 trees)

I spent a little time visiting a little park in Newport Pagnell. I saw a very interesting tree stump/trunk which has been made by some artists. Now it really has a strong narrative or drama with it, likes in a scene of a fairy-tale.

img_5780 img_5781 img_5783 img_5784 img_5785 img_5786

I just really want to draw it. I know I can’t practice skeleton, branches and leaves but I could do those experiments on my sketchbook. For this one I am trying to get some drama on it.

Step 1 Experiment this tree stump‘s character. Observes its gesture and the vivid character will bring a fairy tale out. As I stand in the front of the first photo’s view. The stump is leaning to the right. How can I give it a design that it is also balanced for the image?


Step 2 I use charcoal to give its outline and 3D feeling of this stump then use soft pastel draw its background. Then conte stick for the shapes of fungus.

I used about 2-3 hours to finish this practice.




I suppose it is realistic but with a bit of a  fairly tale feeling image. I think is does come out what I want and I like it.


It is 3D drawing on a A3 white paper. I used tone for building up this stump is round and the wooden tiles are shaping for the stump. I have used the conte stick for the fungus because it is very hard for me to produce the wooden tile and the nature growing things. I think I have drawn the texture of the tree stump well.


During the work I was thinking about a children’s story and perhaps an animal is living inside. The I drew the door and window as additions to the real picture. There is no real steps to the door but I feel it is like a true story.


I didn’t really draw trees a lot before. Now I have some experience of the tree’s texture. Also I tried the charcoal with other media like soft pastel and conte sticks.



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