Study of several trees(Project 1 trees)

I found a broken tree in the woodland which really inspired me to draw them. The trees are complex in details so I have taken some pictures of them for I can’t finish them before dark.

img_5787 img_5788 img_5789 img_5790 img_5791 img_5792

A quick sketch for these trees that shows the main skeleton of the broken one and its relation to the ones around it.


Then I  am moving on an A2 white paper now. I concentrate on these skeletons and I started with red and brown colour pencils but only for the broken one, so the trees around it I leave them on black charcoal.


Now I am thinking about the technique for the foliage. I am struggling here. As the foliage is making me confused, I don’t know the way to draw it so it looks like covering these trees. Then I have to quickly use charcoal to fill in around them.


This drawing main thing is the light direction where I supposed from right hand side. Even I high light some bit but it is still not enough to show the light direction.

The broken one is divided from bottom with its right one.  It maybe the view,  I should arrange the gap better than it is now.

At the moment, I use charcoal for trees. So I need experiment with more materials. I need some research to lean more technique from other artists.

Well I have practiced a group of complex trees today even though they are not perfect like I want but I am looking forward to challenge more in future.



2 thoughts on “Study of several trees(Project 1 trees)

  1. It does inspire me since I first saw it. It also has beautiful stump to draw as well but unfortunately for this exercise I only had about 3 hours to finish because I got 8-9 weeks to complete assignment 3 so I was under pressure to finish this..


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