Research point-Vija Celmins

Before I am going on to do cloud drawing I am going to learn about the artist Vija Celmins’s works.

Vija Celmins was born on October 25, 1938, in Riga, Latvia then emigrated to the United States and moved to several different areas because she likes the objects’ natures such as buildings and weather etc.

she used pencils and charcoal a lot and by 1981, she had abandoned the pencil completely, and returned to painting. From this point forward she worked with woodcuts and printing, substantially in charcoal with a wide variety of erasers – often exploring negative space, selectively removing darkness from images, and achieving subtle control of grey tones.

From 1980s and forward, Celmins focused on the constellations, moon and oceans using these various techniques, a balance between the abstract and photorealism. Then by 2000s, she had begun to produce haunting and distinctive spider webs.


Look at these pictures with so many details that stand out to the viewer. Celmins’s every image is individually handcrafted and subtly unique. She experiments and explores the use of different tonal values and effects to create the images and put her atmosphere in it. The surface is shown all their different types showing the following things for example: that is it windy, is it in bright or shadow from sun light, the time in the day or sunset?

I can’t find more video which is about her whole process with technique for one of her work. I think it may impossible to video that because every image could take her for a while to finish (she may not realise when she finished the work). This is something for the future for me to discover these techniques.

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